Fortnite Patch's New Dynamite Weapon Already Disabled [UPDATE: It's Back]

The new item was temporarily removed but now it's back.


[UPDATE] The Dynamite item has been re-introduced to Fortnite, while Epic also made "some adjustments" to the mounted turret. Click the link below to learn more.

The original story is below.

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A new update is now available for Fortnite. On top of kicking off a new limited-time event, the cowboy-themed Wild West mode, patch 6.30 introduces another weapon to the game's extensive arsenal: Dynamite. However, you won't be able to find it at the moment, as the developer has had to temporarily disable the item shortly after it arrived.

As Epic explained on Twitter, the Dynamite has been removed from Fortnite "while [it investigates] an increase in client crashes." The developer hasn't provided a time table for when players could expect the weapon to return, but it says it will provide a further update on its status once it has more information.

The Dynamite is an uncommon item that drops in stacks of three. It can be found as floor loot or in chests, Vending Machines, Supply Drops, and Supply Llamas, and it sounds particularly formidable. Its throw range is shorter than that of a Grenade, but it deals 70 damage to other players and a whopping 800 to structures.

Dynamite is also one of the few items that appear in Fortnite's new Wild West LTM. This mode plays out much like a typical Battle Royale match, but it only features weapons and items that might be used by cowboys and cowgirls, such as the Hunting Rifle, Pump Shotgun, and Double Barrel Shotgun. Another weapon, the Minigun, was also available in the mode, but Epic recently announced that has since been removed.

In addition to the new item and LTM, update 6.30 introduced the Ghost Pistol to Fortnite's paid Save the World mode. Epic had previously said the mode would follow in Battle Royale's footsteps and go free-to-play this year, but that has been delayed as the developer needs more time to work on some reworks and additional features.

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