Fortnite Patch 24.20 Adds More Attack On Titan Characters, Unvaults Dirt Bikes

You can now unlock Eren Jaeger in the battle pass and find some Attack on Titan weapons across the island.


Today's Fortnite update comes packing a lot to love for fans of the popular anime Attack on Titan, including the ability to finally unlock main protagonist Eren Jaeger in the battle pass. Some themed weapons have joined the fray, too, alongside some additional character skins in the item shop.

Those who have purchased the premium pattle pass can now unlock Eren Jaeger by completing a series of new quests. Obtaining new skins for Eren's other Special Operations Squadmates--Captain Levi and Mikasa Ackermann--will require you to visit the item shop and spend V-Bucks.

The Attack on Titan collab in Fortnite just got much bigger.
The Attack on Titan collab in Fortnite just got much bigger.

Meanwhile, the addition of weapons from Attack on Titan should spice up the battle royale experience for a bit. Players can get their hands on arm-launched Thunder Spears and ODM Gears--a grappling hook with the ability to attack enemies from above with blades--all across the island starting today.

Though most of the update is focused on bringing Attack on Titan to the ever-growing list of crossovers in Fortnite, it also includes the unvaulting of last season's dirt bikes and a new rare-rarity Kinetic Blade, which sports only two Kinetic Dashes as opposed to the Epic-rarity's three. Those who prefer Zero Build will also find that Port-A-Bunkers have made a return to add some extra defensive opportunities to matches.

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