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Fortnite Passes 40 Million Downloads

The PS4, Xbox One, and PC game passes a huge new milestone.


[UPDATE] Epic Games has clarified that vehicles and a new map could come to Fortnite: Battle Royale some day, though nothing is locked down as of yet.

"The team is focused right now on delivering the map update to players this week. While we have nothing to announce right now regarding vehicles or additional maps, the team dedicated to delivering all kinds of new content to players on a regular basis, and wouldn't rule anything out," a representative told GameSpot.

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The original story is below.

Gears of War creator Epic Games' popular, stylized shooter/building game Fortnite has passed a new player milestone. More than 40 million people have downloaded the game as of January, the studio told Glixel. This is up 10 million from 30 million in December.

Epic wouldn't provide any details on how the 40 million downloads are spread between the paid Save the World version and the free PUBG-like Battle Royale mode. Whatever the case, 40 million is a massive figure, the likes of which many games never come close to reaching.

The interview covers other subjects as well such as under-the-hood improvements to make the game look and run better and more. You can read the full interview here at Rolling Stone.

Battle Royale's map is getting big new update this week on PS4, Xbox One, and PC that introduces new points of interests such as new named areas. Additionally, the map's biomes will be divided up more clearly with the aim of helping players distinguish them. "The swamp feels swampier, the mountains feel more mountain-y. Really, the different areas of the map feel more unique," he explained. For more on the changes, check out the embedded video above.

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