Fortnite November 9 Patch Notes Reveal The Combat Pistol

It's almost like we're gearing up for a major battle.


The Fortnite November 9 patch is out now, and since it's a hotfix, you won't need to install any updates on your end. The update is live and brings a pair of loot changes to Season 8, including one new weapon, while another special weapon gets a nice buff just in time for what would seem to be the final countdown to more sweeping changes at the end of the season. Here's all that's new.

Fortnite November 9 Patch

The marquee addition to the game following today's hotfix is the arrival of the Combat Pistol. This more powerful pistol packs a meaner punch much like the recently unvaulted Combat Assault Rifle, Shotgun, and SMG we've already seen J.B. Chimpanski unvault this season.

If I didn't know any better, I'd say it feels like we're gearing up for another major showdown at the end of a Fortnite season. With rumors getting louder that the next season of Fortnite is secretly Chapter 3, a big battle against the Cube Queen would make a lot of sense as a season--and chapter--finale.

The Combat Pistol can be found in chests, as floor loot, or from fishing and has replaced the standard pistol, which is an effect unique to this "combat" variant weapon this season, as other such guns continue to exist alongside their alternate versions.

The Combat Pistol is now the only pistol variant you'll find on the island.
The Combat Pistol is now the only pistol variant you'll find on the island.

Additionally, the Sideways Rifle has been buffed, so players who equip one from The Sideways or from the dropped loot of enemies will enjoy its improved accuracy and a longer-lasting overpowered state, which already gives it some extra kick.

That's all that's mentioned in the patch notes this week, and with only one more major patch to come this season, expect things to pick up quickly in the days ahead, as we continue to build toward some sort of showdown with the Cube Queen.

In the meantime, don't miss the new NPC, Shadow Ops, who offers 150,000 XP down at Lazy Lake.

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