Fortnite NBA Challenges: How To Avoid A Bug And Get A Free High Hoops Spray

The Fortnite NBA All-Star Hub is here and offering free rewards, but the challenges are a bit buggy. Here's the fix you need to complete the challenges.


Fortnite and the NBA have teamed up for the second time in as many years, this time celebrating the All-Star Game and the league's 75th anniversary. Alongside a host of creative mode festivities like a player lounge, selfie booth, and several basketball courts, you can unlock 36,000 XP and a free High Hoops spray for your locker by completing the NBA All-Star Hub challenges. Normally we'd offer some basic guidance on how to go about doing this, but because the challenges are a bit buggy out of the gate, you'll require an extra step in order to make progress toward the three Fortnite NBA challenges. Here's how to juke the glitch and sink your baskets for a free cosmetic and XP.

Fortnite NBA challenges - bug workaround

The NBA challenges are rather straightforward. You'll need to head into creative mode and score on 27 of the All-Star Hub's 30 total baskets. You can track which baskets you need to score on thanks to the light below each hoop. A red light means you haven't scored on it yet, while a green light means you have.

Some of these baskets look pretty traditional as they're situated on either side of a basketball court. Others are being held way up high by cranes. Others are even the trash baskets around the hub. There are 30 total and you'll need to score on all but three of them to ultimately unlock all rewards. Here's how the challenges shake out:

  • Sink baskets at the NBA All-Star Hub (9) - 18,000 XP
  • Sink baskets at the NBA All-Star Hub (18) - High Hoops spray
  • Sink baskets at the NBA All-Star Hub (27) - 18,000 XP
Posterize this XP-denying bug with one quick fix.
Posterize this XP-denying bug with one quick fix.

To shoot the ball, you hold down the shoot button (right trigger on the controller) and release when the arc you'll see on screen is aligned with the backboard. Doing that on 27 different baskets shouldn't take too long once you find your accuracy, but you may notice your challenges aren't tracking progress. That's because you'll need to access a specific version of the NBA All-Star Hub.

Go to the Discovery tab and enter creative code 2165-0294-6080?v=3 on PC (or 2165-0294-60803 on consoles). This may look like it's one digit too long to be a viable creative code, but what you're actually doing is accessing an alternate version of the NBA All-Star Hub--one that, for whatever reason, tracks challenges while the default one does not.

Once you're in this version of the hub, start scoring. You'll notice your challenges will once again show progress slowly but surely ticking up to earn you the achievements. Score on 27 of the area's 30 baskets and you'll be all set. The XP rewards will be yours, as well as the High Hoops spray. Just make sure to do all of this before 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on February 23, as that's when the NBA All-Star Hub closes its doors.

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