Fortnite Mobile On iOS Really Is The Full Game

The first invites have gone out for Fortnite mobile.


The much-anticipated invites for Fortnite mobile have gone out to select iOS users. We've been playing the game this afternoon, and it is indeed Fortnite for mobile, just as promised. You can check out our first impressions with the game above.

Fortnite mobile really does offer up the full Battle Royale experience. At least initially, the touch controls have proven somewhat difficult--there's a lot to manage without any physical buttons, though there is some generous auto-aim. Performance seems fairly good, though there is a noticeable visual downgrade from other versions.

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One notable change from the PC, PS4, and Xbox One versions is an indicator that lets you know the direction of incoming fire and nearby chests. This is presumably meant to give players an opportunity to find these things while playing without sound, which is normally the easiest way for identifying those things.

In order to play Fortnite on mobile, you'll need an iPhone 6S/SE, iPad Mini 4, iPad Air 2, iPad 2017, iPad Pro, or a newer Apple device with iOS 11. Invites are being sent out by email to those who signed up--you can still do so on Epic's website--with Android support set to come in the next few months. If you registered but haven't gotten an invite yet, you may still receive one; Epic says more will be sent out "as the servers can handle more players."

The game will feature optional cross-play with other platforms and get the same updates as those versions. Epic describes it as a "work in progress beta," so you should expect to encounter some hiccups if you get in. Meanwhile, Epic has just released a new 3.3 update that adds Battle Royale and Save the World content.

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