Fortnite Marksman Six Shooter: Location, Stats, And Price

Giddy up with this new Fortnite Exotic weapon.


Fortnite update 16.40 is now available, and with it comes a new Exotic weapon that players can find in every round of Battle Royale. If you're looking for the Marksman Six Shooter, this guide will show where to find it, how many Gold Bars it will cost you, and how much hurt you can put on other players by using it. Here's what you need to know about the Fortnite Marksman Six Shooter.

Fortnite Marksman Six Shooter Location

Fittingly, this new wild western revolver is sold by Fortnite's resident cowboy, Deadfire. You can find Deadfire at the Sheriff's office to the northwest of Lazy Lake. He roams around the building but won't leave the small property, and as always, you can find him by looking for his speech bubble overhead and map icon as you approach the unnamed location.

Head to the purple icon to find Deadfire and the Marksman Six Shooter.
Head to the purple icon to find Deadfire and the Marksman Six Shooter.

Fortnite Marksman Six Shooter Price

Talking to Deadfire will reveal the Marksman Six Shooter is sold for 400 Gold Bars each, and Deadfire can sell up to five such weapons per round. That means if you bring your whole Squad, you can each leave with one, though if Deadfire has fewer than five when you talk to him, watch out. It may mean there are already gunslingers roaming the island.

Fortnite Marksman Six Shooter Stats

The Marksman Six Shooter is very accurate and offers a quick-firing six rounds per clip that turn any enemy encounter into an old-fashioned duel. It takes medium bullets and does 24 damage per hit with a reload speed of 2.1 seconds. The new Exotic weapon joins a regularly updated armory of other new weapons in Fortnite Season 6, such as the Recycler, the Grappler Bow, and the Unstable Bow.

You can also check out the full Fortnite 16.40 patch notes or try your luck at unlocking the highly contested (but totally free) Lara Croft Gold Anniversary Style.

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