Fortnite Makes $2 Million Per Day On Mobile, Report Says

Fortnite is free, but people are spending lots and lots on microtransactions.

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Fortnite is one of the most popular games on planet Earth right now, but just how much money is the free-to-play game bringing in from its microtransactions? In short, a lot.

According to mobile analytics company Sensor Tower (via, Fortnite's iOS version made an average of $2 million per day over a 10-day period following the start of Season 5 earlier this month. This is up from a reported average of $1.2 million per day from launch on March 15 to the end of Season 4 on July 11. For the final 10 days of Season 4, Fortnite was apparently making an average of $1.7 million a day.

According to Sensor Tower, Fortnite daily revenue reached $3 million on July 13, which is a new daily revenue record. This is up substantially from the reported previous record of $1.9 million on May 1 for the start of Season 4.

Sensor Tower's estimates say Fortnite has now brought in more than $150 million from the mobile edition alone. An Android version is still to come. Fortnite is also hugely popular on PC and console, so it's staggering to think how much money the game might be making across all systems.

Epic is pouring some of that money back into the community, as it is promising $100 million in total prize money for the game's 2018-2019 competitive season. Additionally, Epic recently announced a big change to its Unreal Engine Marketplace whereby it will now pay creators 88 percent of sales, with Epic taking just 12 percent. This is significantly higher than the industry standard 70/30 split, and is no doubt made possible in part by Fortnite's massive success.

Fortnite's virtual currency, V-Bucks, can be used to purchase things like cosmetics for your character, as well as the game's various Battle Passes. None of the items you can purchase in Fortnite impact gameplay.

Fortnite was released one year ago this week, and developer Epic is celebrating with an anniversary event that adds birthday cakes and more to the popular game.

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Avatar image for Bamda

Epic Win!

Avatar image for matr0ska

I personally think Epic is doing micro transactions right. You can play the game for free and any extra payments just go towards aesthetic stuff. Plus you can literally just buy the season pass for $10 and keep paying off each season with the v-bucks you earn in game. $10 is the most I've ever invested this game.

Avatar image for Saxondale

Why all the negativity? It is not Pay2Win. It is a 100% FREE game. The developers did such a fantastic job connecting with the zeitgeist that their players are appreciative and support them by buying vanity items. What's the big deal?

I wonder if those of you whom object to voluntary purchases are as outraged by the involuntary confiscation of your wealth known as taxation? Epic isn't holding a pistol to anyone's head demanding they empty their wallets - unlike govs. I hope Epic makes a fortune, because they labored to produce something that people enjoy. And, btw, I've never played Fortnite and have zero interest in the genre.

Avatar image for johnnyboy787

@Saxondale: Agreed, Fortnite does microtransactions and F2P right, you get the entire Battle royale experience for free and the microtransactions are consumer friendly nothing pay2win, they deserve this success and money.

Avatar image for itchyflop

As a business model = great

As a digital child tempting leech tactic that used to be "dont talk to strangers or take anything from them" model = unholy bad.

As a game ruining, sad, unappealing, "see if you can hit me while i jump around a lot game mechanic" man sheep herding trend = poor.

As an older gamer "giving" his wages to a bullshit company using MT's = stupid.

Shit game period. (imo)

Avatar image for Bamda

@itchyflop: Get Off My Lawn! LOL

Avatar image for restatbonfire

Stupid microtrans and kids. Wanna go back to the good ol days. Halo 3!

Avatar image for mpl911

That's a lot of parents getting big (and surprising) credit card bills from their kiddies wanting a different dance (?) or gun skin (??) to all of their mates.

Seriously - $2m a day from a free mobile game? I'm not sure what bit of that sentence is more worrying.

Pretty insidious...

Avatar image for xOmniCloudx

*insert Michael Jackson popcorn gif here*

Avatar image for MrDouglas

At least all that money is not going to EA or Activision, happy about that.

Avatar image for VakarianGirl

@MrDouglas: No, it's just serving as a template for "how to do business if you want to make money" for the likes of EA and Activision........ -_-

Avatar image for redhedjack

Meanwhile Rayman Legends only made "satisfactory sales". -_-

Avatar image for tingtong

I can’t comprehend it.. I find this game incredibly unappealing and actually deleted it within seconds of downloading because the microtransactions are immediately shoved in your face and I only had 1 character to choose from, which was a female lol.. no thxs.

Avatar image for sakaixx

Its a great move by Epic games to not include character creation (at least in console/pc ver.), this way they can easily monetize the item shops.

Avatar image for Paulf001

This is the kind of stuff that is ruining gaming.

Avatar image for VakarianGirl

@Paulf001: 110%

Avatar image for goku_black96666

@Paulf001: exactly

Avatar image for RELeon

This is the reason micro transactions are not going anywhere. Actually, its 1 - 2 million reasons.....per day.

Avatar image for goku_black96666

@RELeon: lol