Fortnite Maintenance Patch Addresses Performance Issues

Epic Games has pushed an update in the form of Fortnite patch 2.03 ahead of the weekend to stabilize PC and PS5 performance issues.


A new Fortnite update has gone live on all platforms to address stability and performance issues going into the weekend. Epic Games posted some notes explaining the update on Reddit, which you can also read below.

The maintenance update, labeled patch 2.03, specifically addresses a bug that was preventing players from queuing in tournaments, an issue involving the "disable pre-edit" option, and performance issues affecting players on PC and PS5.

According to Epic Games, running Fortnite in Performance Mode may degrade the game's texture quality after updating to this new version, which is an intentional feature meant to preserve high framerates.

Some players in the Fortnite subreddit are reporting issues with the game post-update, but Epic has yet to comment.

Fortnite Maintenance Update 2.03 - Patch Notes

Read the full patch notes provided by Epic Games below or on Reddit.

Hey, everyone.

We're posting to let you know that we've recently released a maintenance patch. This patch is to address:

With the release of this maintenance patch, you will notice a decrease in texture quality when using Performance Mode. This is intended in order to maintain high FPS in the mode and prevent invisible constructions.

Thank you.

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