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Fortnite Locations: Where To Pop Golden Balloons (Week 9 Challenges)



With Season 7 of Fortnite: Battle Royale nearing its end and a new patch now available, you still have time to tackle the existing set of challenges. Week 9 includes one where you have to pop golden balloons. It's a fun one, but tracking down the location of the 10 balloons you need can be something of a chore without a map. We've put together just that, along with a guide to help you find where 10 golden balloons are located.

All you've got to do is head to the locations below, locate the balloons, and fire off a shot to pop it. Then, move to the next one, rinse, and repeat until you've got all 10. It's a good idea to pack a weapon with some range as, now and then, you may find people waiting nearby to take you out, so being able to pop them from safety is certainly handy.

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Fortnite Golden Balloon Locations

  • Grid reference I2 on the roof of the brick house
  • Grid reference B2 on the roof of the mausoleum
  • Grid reference J5 on the tower at Lonely Lodge
  • Grid reference I6 on the bear statue south of Retail Row
  • Grid reference G4 in the area outside Tomato Temple
  • Grid reference H5 attached to an electricity pylon
  • Grid reference F6 on one of the structures in the middle of Dusty Divot
  • Grid reference E4 on an abandoned boat in Loot Lake
  • Grid reference D2 in the "O" of the destroyed motel sign
  • Grid reference J3 next to the truck hanging off the edge of the cliff

The other tricky challenge for the week involves finding three specific objects on the island to dance on top of: a sundial, an oversized cup of coffee, and a metal dog head. Sound familiar? You've probably seen them dozens of times, but you can use our location guide to pinpoint exactly where they are and get the challenge done.

While you can still tackle this and any other Season 7 challenges, we're nearing the end of the season. You can now take on Week 10 challenges, including one that has you visit four expedition outposts in a single match. We've put together a map to help you know where to go and hopefully reach those spots without encountering too much resistance.

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