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Fortnite Location: Search Between Covered Bridge, Waterfall, 9th Green (Week 10, Season 5 Challenges)

The hunt is on, again.


We're now in Week 10 of Fortnite Season 5, which means there's a fresh set of challenges for players to undertake and new rewards to earn before Season 6 begins. You should know the drill by now, but if you're jumping on the Fortnite train a bit late, we've got a breakdown of how it works and what you'll need to do--including how and where to track down the challenge asking you to search between a covered bridge, waterfall, and the 9th green.

First things first, it's important to know that there's two sets of challenges. There's a free set that's available for anyone and everyone to do, and then an exclusive set that's just for those that have paid for a Battle Pass. Here's a rundown on them all.

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In the paid Battle Pass section, challenges involve searching chests in Salty Springs, dealing damage to opponents, and eliminating an opponent in Pleasant Park. You'll also need to complete a bit of a treasure hunt in the search between a Covered Bridge, Waterfall, and 9th Green challenge. Don't worry though, we've got a guide to speed up the process. Below you'll find images of the map and the exact location of the Battle Star, as well as a full breakdown of this week's challenges. Alternatively, you can watch us complete the challenge using the video above, which shows you exactly where you have to go. Simply head to the designated location and you can claim the Battle Star.

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In the free section this week there are three challenges. The first involves searching for jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements, which we have a separate guide for--you'll need seven total, and they're scattered all around the map.

The second free challenge requires you to consume apples or mushrooms, and the third demands you eliminate 10 enemies. The final of these is perhaps the trickiest, given that enemies tend to, you know, fight back, but with a little perseverance and guile it shouldn't be too tricky. Munching on apples and mushrooms is a relatively new challenge, and--based on our experience--it's usually more common to stumble upon shrooms than apples. We recommend heading south of Lonely Lodge, where you should find a bunch of them ready to be devoured.

Fortnite Week 10, Season 5 Challenges


  • Search Jigsaw Puzzle Pieces in Basements (7) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Consume Apples or Mushrooms (20) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Hard: Eliminate Opponents (10) -- 10 Battle Stars

Battle Pass

  • Search Chests in Salty Springs (7) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Deal Damage to Opponents (5000) -- 5 Battle Stars
  • Search Between a Covered Bridge, Waterfall, and the 9th Green -- 10 Battle Stars
  • Stage 1: Eliminate Opponent in Pleasant Park (1) -- 10 Battle Stars

On September 12, Epic Games rolled out Fortnite content update 5.40, which introduced the new Suppressed Assault Rifle and stuck the Drum Gun in the vault. You can see all the changes in the full patch notes here.

This will be the last of the weekly challenges for Season 5, which means the clock is ticking on challenges from previous weeks. If you haven't already completed them but want to, you can use our guides in our complete Fortnite Season 5 challenge roundup.

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