Fortnite Lightsabers Are Returning Soon, Says Leak

Lightsabers may be returning to Fortnite according to a leak.


According to well-known Fortnite leaker Shiina, Epic will be unvaulting a fan-favorite weapon, Star Wars lightsabers. Shiina shared the news with confidence, stating that Epic will re-release the lightsabers tomorrow, May 3rd, 2022.

The details of this leak align with the last time Epic unvaulted the lightsabers in Fortnite. Before this, the last time players got to use lightsabers was from May 2nd to May 5th in 2020, during Chapter 2, Season 2 to celebrate Star Wars Day. Tomorrow's expected 20.30 patch seems poised to bring lightsabers back just in time for the popular fandom holiday.

The lightsabers in Fortnite come in four different variants: Rey's (Blue), Kylo Ren's (Red), Luke Skywalkers (Green), and Mace Windu's (Purple) lightsabers. Even though all four weapons look different, they all have the same abilities that allow you to block bullets and stats.

Lightsabers were first introduced to Fortnite during a live event called "Live At Risky Reels Event" during Chapter 2, Season 1 on December 13th, 2019. This live event was meant to help promote the upcoming Star Wars movie The Rise of Skywalker, and at the end of the event, players got to vote for what lightsabers they wanted in the game.

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