Fortnite Leak Reveals Upcoming Monopoly Crossover

Fortnite players can turn Monopoly game pieces into back bling.


We can hardly go a few days without news of the next Fortnite collaboration, and today's leak of a Fortnite and Monopoly crossover is just the latest to be revealed. While Epic hasn't officially commented on the licensing deal just yet, a recent datamining effort points to a set of eight new back bling cosmetics taken straight from the classic board game.

The eight back bling items mirror the eight player tokens in traditional Monopoly, including the top hat, terrier, rubber duck, battleship, and more. The leaked tokens relate to a revised board game coming soon to stores.

The crossover appears not to be part of a broader Monopoly anniversary since last year was the game's celebrated 85th year in stores. More likely, this is just a continuation of a partnership formed previously. Hasbro toy company released Monopoly: Fortnite Edition in 2018, which reimagines the Monopoly board as the Chapter 1 Fortnite map--Tilted Towers is the stand-in for the ritzy Boardwalk, if you're wondering.

It may seem like a Rich Uncle Pennybags character skin would be too short for Fortnite given his smallish stature, but Fortnite has already made full-size characters out of baby chickens, pugs, and slices of pizza, so don't count out the banker just yet. Anything goes in Fortnite.

If you want more Fortnite collaborations, do not pass go without checking out the new Eddie Brock skin, which marks actor Tom Hardy's first appearance in Fortnite.

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