Fortnite: Land A Choppa At Steamy Stacks

Here's how to land a helicopter inside one of those towers for Fortnite Season 3's Week 3 challenge


The third week of Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 3 is nearly here with a number of new challenges that will have you clicking heads all over the map. A particularly tough challenge will take you to Steamy Stacks, the flooded factory located in the upper corner of the map. You'll need to land a choppa at the bottom of Steamy Stacks. This guide will show you how to get to Steamy Stacks with a helicopter and help you land it right in one of those stacks. After you do that, you can take on other Season 3 challenges and get ready for Aquaman. You'll have challenges to complete for a certain other superhero, as well. It's one we weren't expecting.

This challenge leaked early. However, July 2 brought with it the challenge and it's still available to complete in the game. You'll want to complete this challenge as soon as possible so you don't have to rush to get all of the Aquaman goodies later.

Where is Steamy Stacks?

Steamy Stacks is located in the top right corner of the map. It's flooded after The Device event so you can no longer explore most of it. There are still some upper floors as well as rooms in both stacks that contain weapons. It's separated from the rest of the map by water, so it shouldn't be too difficult to locate.

How Can I Get a Helicopter?

Helicopters spawn in several regular locations across Fortnite: Chapter 2 Season 3's map. Be aware though: the spots with helipads are usually popular, meaning you may have to fight to get to your ride.

Here are a few locations where you can find a helicopter near Steamy Stacks and the rest of the map:

  • On the southern edge of The Yacht
  • At the top of The Authority building
  • At the southern end of Rickety Rig
  • On the western side of The Fortilla
  • On the southern edge of The Yacht
  • On an island in the river north of Misty Meadows
  • South of Catty Corner on the snowy mountain
  • East of Frenzy Farm
Fortnite: Season 3 Helicopter Locations
Fortnite: Season 3 Helicopter Locations

How Do I Land A Choppa In Steamy Stacks?

The helipad locations closest to Steamy Stacks are at The Authority and The Yacht, although you can get a helicopter from any of those locations and get to Steamy Stacks easily. Depending on the route of the battle bus you should drop at the location closest to you, immediately get the helicopter and then go straight to Steamy Stacks. Be aware of where the circle is once you start flying.

Once you get there you'll need to pilot the helicopter slowly over one of the two giant stacks and slowly descend into it. It's easier than it sounds since you have plenty of room and the helicopter is quite sturdy. Make sure you actually land the chopper on the little watch tower within the stack in order to complete the challenge.

What Reward to I Get For Landing The Choppa?

Once those propellers stop spinning you'll get experience points to help you level up.

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