Fortnite Kame House: Where To Visit A Familiar Training Location

The Fortnite Dragon Ball event is now live, altering the map, several modes, and the Item Shop, of course. Here's where to find the Kame House in Fortnite.


In the Fortnite Dragon Ball event. you can visit a familiar training location to complete one of the Power Unleashed quests, also known as the Fortnite Dragon Ball challenges. This is a pretty simple challenge except for the fact that the icon revealing the landmark's location sometimes doesn't appear on your map. So let us guide you to the Kame House location in Fortnite.

Fortnite - familiar training location

The familiar training location is the Kame House from the Dragon Ball anime. You can find it on the eastern edge of the map on a small circular island just east of the launchpad--where The Seven's rockets reside. Head there to painlessly finish the challenge and build on your power level further.

Fortnite's Kame House can be found right here.
Fortnite's Kame House can be found right here.

While you're there, be sure to speak to Bulma, as she's selling each of the two new Dragon Ball-themed Mythic weapons and items: the Kamehameha and the Nimbus Cloud. The former is really good at destroying, well, everything in its path. The latter is a fun new item used for traversal--maybe the Web-Shooters have a new contender for the fan-favorite movement item.

There's a lot more to learn about the Fortnite Dragon Ball event, including the creative mode takeover, the skins coming to the game, and more. Don't miss all of our coverage of Fortnite's biggest crossover...ever?

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