Fortnite Junk Rift Unvaulted: Where To Get One And How It Works

Rain down junk.


As we've come to expect, another weekly update means another new weapon or item for you to enjoy in Fortnite, and this go-around sees the return of a uniquely enjoyable utility item. First introduced back in 2019, the Junk Rift has been unvaulted to bring a little extra mayhem to your matches. Not to be confused with the Rift-To-Go, the Junk Rift actually doesn't teleport you anywhere, but it sure makes a mess wherever you use it. Read on to find out how it works and where to grab one.

Where to get Junk Rifts and how they work

Junk Rifts are an Epic level throwable that can be found on the ground or in chests and supply drops.

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While it shares a similar name to the Rift-To-Go, which can teleport you and your squad into the sky to aid in repositioning, the Junk Rift is actually not meant for your personal use at all. Instead, throwing it at a location will open a rift in the sky above and rain some junk down on your opponents. You might be surprised at how much havoc it can wreak!

The item that falls from the sky is different each time, but the damage amount and radius remain the same. If enemies are caught directly beneath it, they'll take 200 damage from the impact. When the item lands, it also produces a shockwave that deals 100 damage to anyone nearby.

You can use the fallen items as cover of your own out in the open if you're caught in a bad situation, but the Junk Rift is primarily meant to be used to break other players' cover, meaning you can make quick work of folks who have built elaborate structures or hunkered down in Port-a-Forts or buildings. To bring pure joy to your life, use it on bush campers--and sweeten the whole thing by topping it off with a Laugh It Up emote.

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