Fortnite: Josh Brolin Responds To Dancing Thanos -- "I Don't Understand"

"Why is he dancing? I don't understand."

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Thanos, the bad guy from Avengers: Infinity War, recently came to Fortnite as part of a limited-time game mode called Infinity Gauntlet. Now, the actor who plays Thanos--Josh Brolin--has responded to his character being in the game.

It sounds like Brolin had no involvement in the crossover, as he tells IGN, "I've been seeing this Fortnite thing everywhere; Fortnite, Thanos--and I had no idea what anybody was talking about."

Thanos has some voice lines in Fortnite, but these were apparently pulled from other sources-- potentially the movie--if they even come from Brolin at all. It is interesting that Brolin apparently had no idea about Thanos being in Fortnite, but he's a busy, busy man.

Like other Fortnite characters, Thanos can dance--and he has some nice moves. But Brolin doesn't quite understand why Thanos would dance after vanquishing his enemies.

"Why is he dancing? I don't understand. I don't know if I like that," Brolin said.

Also in the interview, Brolin confirms that he did not do the motion-capture work for Thanos' dance movies, but he said he wished he was asked because he is a capable cutter of the rug. "I wish I had done the mocap for that," the Oscar nominated actor said.

You can catch the full IGN interview with Brolin here.

In other Fortnite news, the 50v50 limited-time mode is now available alongside the Infinity Gauntlet mode. Both are only expected to be around for a short while longer, so you should play now if you're interested.

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