Fortnite Is Good For Gaming, EA Says

Fortnite will help expand gaming's profile, EA management says.

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Epic's hugely popular battle royale game Fortnite is good for gaming because, with its low barrier to entry--it's free--and its mass appeal, it may help bring more people into gaming overall. That's according to Electronic Arts, whose executives recently commented on the phenomenon during an earnings call.

EA CEO Andrew Wilson said Fortnite is helping "expand the audience" for gaming, which in turn theoretically helps EA with the holiday shopping season coming up. "Our expectation is that as they continue to expand the audience, that provides tremendous opportunity for us going into the holiday season, particularly as we think about launching Madden and FIFA and Battlefield into what is a growing player audience," he said during the earnings call.

EA CFO Blake Jorgensen, meanwhile, said Fortnite has had some kind of impact on EA by virtue of people only having so many hours in the day to play games. If Fortnite is driving a ton of play time and interest, that could hurt EA and other publishers (Activision has also said it's been impacted).

"Without a doubt, [Fortnite has] been a phenomenon in the industry, and I'm sure it's taken up people's time. We have a hard time pointing to exactly where that's impacted our business, but I am sure it is taking up people's time across the industry," Jorgensen said. "But we also know that, that means more and more people are brought in to play games and will enjoy games in the future, in particular, first-person shooter games down the road."

Intriguingly, EA has said it might make its own free-to-play standalone battle royale game, though it might not be released anytime soon. On the more immediate horizon, EA's Battlefield V will have a battle royale mode.

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Avatar image for mysticalqueque

Good for gaming, or a good excuse to keep pushing micro-transactions to line EA's wallet?

Avatar image for Chizaqui

Oh, wow. I hope Fortnite doesn't suffer from the EA curse now.

Avatar image for bongaconga

EA is not good for gaming since year 2000

Avatar image for Sam3231

And releasing yearly, platform-locked, editions of sports games is not.

But thanks anyway EA.

Avatar image for andywarrenstein

"More people playing games is good for gaming" doesn't really seem like a sentiment that needs to be spelled out.

Avatar image for Ant_17

Smart move EA.

Praise something you like, since you know everyone hates you and push away people from the thing.

Avatar image for illusivepickledonionman

Translation: it's good for us because the model is absolutely perfect for the kinds of avaricious schemes we have in store (literally and figuratively)

Avatar image for Thanatos2k

It's easy to ignore EA when they try to talk about other people's games with money symbols in their eyes.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Maybe , but EA is not good for Star Wars.

Avatar image for solid_snake1461

Of course, EA would jump in praising it like "see? Game as service is a solid model. We are right and you consumers are wrong". All the while ignoring the fact that these 2 games are fundamentally different. Fortnite is a F2P with loots grant no advantage to one player over the other. While EA's games are "Pay to Win" to the core.

They saw a similarity in the business model and automatically take it as proof to justify their greed.

Avatar image for tman08

@solid_snake1461: Whats sad too is Battlefront 2 is still tied to Star Cards which you randomly get that makes you better. Not by Skill. The Battlefront Sub Reddit is the single thirstiest place i've seen....

Avatar image for MrDouglas

He's really speaking to the shareholders and Investors. They're obviously getting antsy about all that money that's currently not coming EA's way.

Avatar image for Xirtahm

You guys really need to cut back a bit on the Fortnite articles. This has already gone beyond obsession.

Avatar image for nedrith

@Xirtahm: Really they just need to stop posting guide "Articles". I really hate having to look at the list of articles on the first page and see like 10 articles that say "guide to fortnite challenges for season 4".

Leave that for....I don't know gamefaqs which is was kind of made originally to specialize in that. Or hell, just make a single guide with the current challenges and then edit it and link to it as a reminder at the end of the article from somewhat decent articles like this one.

Avatar image for caj1986

What can u expect to hear from a corporate that digs microtransactions, dlcs & season passss. Their undying loyalty towards it

Avatar image for Barighm

EA says.

Who is listening? Why would you?

Avatar image for redhedjack

I really don't think EA is known for their grasp on what's good for gaming.

Avatar image for connorman01

you mean "good for companies". because little kids collectively spend billions on micro-transactions in this game, and when there's this much money involved EA suddenly appears just like flies to Shit

Avatar image for Barighm

@connorman01: I suppose if that money went into innovative, highly polished, bar raising games then I would be okay with it.

But it doesn't.

Avatar image for Pyrosa

@Barighm: Technically speaking that's EXACTLY what Epic is doing with that money.

Unreal Engine and their backend server platforms are scaling up player counts per server alongside server density, scaling down to an absurdly low HW min.spec while maintaining MP playability, and scaling horizontally across more platforms than anyone has tried. And in STW mode, they've generated ten new campaigns of varying lengths in less than a year. Both modes are incredibly polished compared to last year -- STW was a chore after ~40hrs, and BR was just broken at Alpha.

Epic is innovating and raising bars all over the place.

(EA, of course, is still just making mistakes and sometimes fixes them later.)

Avatar image for so_hai

Free-to-play games don't count.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

@so_hai: Fee 2 Pay games like Battlefront don't count.

Avatar image for atopp399

Can you imagine how bad EA would screw up a game like Fortnite with their greed?

Avatar image for CorporalTurner

FORTNITE, FORTNITE, FORTNITE, FORTNITE....Uh what else was i going to say.......OH YEA. FORTNITE! lol

Avatar image for datriax

When Andrew Wilson is complimenting your game, you know you ****ed up.