Fortnite Is Giving V-Bucks To iOS And Mac Players Who Are Locked Out Of Updates

It's clear Epic wants to keep players who use Apple devices.


Epic is giving V-Bucks bonuses to Fortnite players on iOS and Mac platforms, likely as an incentive to retain players who can't access Fortnite's updates due to Epic's ongoing lawsuit with Apple and Google.

Here's how it works: For iOS players, Epic will give you a V-Bucks bonus equal to the amount of unspent V-Bucks purchased through the App Store. For Mac players, Epic will also give you a V-Bucks bonus equal to the amount of unspent V-Bucks purchased from Epic. The bonus is expected to hit accounts by November 9.

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Starting from Chapter 2 - Season 4's launch on August 27, players on Apple devices haven't been able to access Fortnite's new patches and content. Players on iOS devices can only play with other iOS device users in Fortnite's Chapter 2, Season 3’s 13.40 version.

Epic has been engaged with Apple and Google over a dispute over App store fees. The battle royale developer bypassed the App store by allowing players to directly purchase V-Bucks from Epic. Apple and Google take a 30% fee from all transactions in App stores, and get nothing from purchases made directly from Epic.

Needless to say, both tech companies did not like the situation. Apple and Google removed Fortnite from App stores and have been engaged in a lengthy lawsuit with Epic. You can read GameSpot's full primer on what's going on with Epic's Fortnite Ban and its legal battle with Apple/Google.

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