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Fortnite Is Getting New DC Comics Cosmetics All Summer Alongside Comic Arc

The Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point storyline will bring answers to mysteries and new cosmetics for comic fans.


Fortnite is coming to print and digital comic shops starting next week for the Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point six-issue comic book run. That much we already knew, as we also knew buying the comics physically or digitally via a DC Universe Infinite subscription would net readers as many as seven new DC Comics cosmetics to use in Fortnite. What we didn't know until now is that in all cases, you won't have to buy the comics to get the Fortnite items.

With the debut issue of Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point set to arrive next week on April 20, Epic has shared more details about what to expect if you're eager to read the story or get some new in-game items. Included in the FAQ is a note that most items included with the comics will be sold in the Fortnite Item Shop day-and-date with their corresponding comic book release.

The only exception is the first one, Rebirth Harley Quinn, dressed in her red and black leather jacket and shorts she's often been clad in since DC soft-rebooted its entire comic line in 2016. Those wishing to unlock Rebirth Harley as soon as possible will need to get the first issue of the comic book when it launches next week.

Either physical or digital copies will include a code to unlock the item, but if you're getting it digitally, note that only DC Universe Infinite will offer these codes. No third-party digital comic stores, such as Comixology, will net you Rebirth Harley. You also can't get the code with the one-week free trial DC offers to new subscribers as the crossover comic isn't part of the trial. To put it plainly, there's no way to get these new DC items for free.

Following that first issue, the subsequent five issues launching every other week through July 6 will include additional DC Comics cosmetics, but you can buy the items in-game if you no longer wish to buy the comics or keep an active DC Universe Infinite subscription. Rebirth Harley will also come to the Shop later in 2021, so if you unlock her by way of the comic beginning next week, you'll have her a few months ahead of schedule.

Epic is keeping these additional items a secret for now, though it's probably expecting too much to think each cosmetic will be a new DC hero or villain. More likely, they'll include items such as Back Blings, Emotes, or Harvesting Tools. Players who redeem codes for all six items will earn a bonus seventh cosmetic, Armored Batman, though it's unclear if that Style will later be sold separately as well.

As for what else is new to Fortnite, our second Spire Quest guide can help you complete this week's lore-heavy challenge.

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