Fortnite: Investigate An Anomaly On Shark Island

Another Fortnite anomaly has appeared on Shark Island. Here's what you need to know to solve the Shark Island Anomaly puzzle.


Fortnite Season 6 is teasing players with new Anomaly puzzles. There are several of them available to complete, assuming you've made it far enough in the Season 6 Battle Pass, and one of them is the Shark Island Anomaly. This particular challenge and associated puzzle becomes available once you hit Battle Pass level 28. Here's where to find and how to investigate the Shark Island Anomaly in Fortnite Season 6.

How to Investigate an Anomaly on Shark Island

Naturally, you'll first want to land on Shark Island. This unnamed location is still quite obvious once you see it in person, as it features a rock formation that looks like a shark opening its jaws. It's found in the northwest corner of the island, north of Coral Castle.

Shark Island location
Shark Island location

Once you hit land, you'll want to head to the north side of the island, where you'll find a glowing butterfly which flutters to and from three strange silver canisters sticking out of the ground.

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They seem nondescript, but approach them and you'll see they emit holograms when you're close by. Each one shows a classic Jonesy avatar performing some sort of physical move. From left to right on the map, they show him...


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And jumping.

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Head to each canister and perform the move you see in the hologram. An audiovisual clue will confirm you've done it right, and after all three are complete, the Anomaly will reappear in the center.

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You'll need to build over to it with a plank or two. Once you've reached the Anomaly, press the interact button and that's it! You've completed the second Anomaly puzzle for Fortnite Season 6, this time earning yourself the Agent Jones (Jump 23) cosmetic, pictured below.

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This isn't the only Season 6 challenge you can complete right now. Be sure to also check out our guides on how to investigate the Anomaly in Lazy Lake, how to craft the Hunter's Cloak, and where to find three Golden Artifacts.

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