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Fortnite In-Game Tournaments Feature Now Available

Earn some shiny pins and prizes, no matter the platform.


Fortnite v6.10 will add in-game tournaments, Epic has announced through its official site. Tournaments will be scheduled events open to all players to get in over the course of several hours and win as many points as they can. If you achieve the score goal, you'll get a pin to celebrate. Some special tournaments will use the pins as qualifiers for the next tier of a tournament or to win prizes. [Update: The new feature is now available, as update 6.10 has been released.]

Tournaments will be open to all players, but you'll need to opt in for crossplay to compete. All players participating in a tournament will be treated as equals regardless of their control input--mouse and keyboard, controller, or touch. Epic says it was carefully watching pro players during the Summer Skirmish, PAX West, and Fall Skirmish events, and have concluded that controller players can be a match for mouse-and-keyboard players. The studio will be continuing to look at the competitive landscape and may offer limited tournaments for inputs or platforms.

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Matchmaking during a tournament session will match you against players with similar point standing. In the coming months, Epic will be developing tournaments to take place across multiple rounds with pins acting as qualifiers. Players can even earn a spot for the 2019 Fortnite World Cup using the in-game tournament system.

The first tournament kicks off this week, and the initial tests will be continuing over the next few weeks. Check the first round of scheduled tournaments below.

  • Alpha Tournament (Solo)
    • Dates: October 16 - October 21
    • Description: Participate in the first in-game tournament, spanning across several days of daily competition!
  • Beta Tournament (Duo)
    • Dates: October 23 - October 25
    • Description: Grab a friend and take on the world - until you are the last two left.
  • Friday Night Fortnite (Squad)
    • Dates: October 19 - November 30
    • Description: Join your friends every Friday and kick off your weekend with some exciting Squad action.
  • Salty Springs Cup (Solo)
    • Dates: October 27 - October 31
    • Description: One week and three attempts to prove you're the saltiest that Salty Springs has to offer.
  • Tomato Temple Cup (Duo)
    • Dates: October 28 - November 1
    • Description: Become legends of the Tomato Temple Cup.

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