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Fortnite: How To Tame A Raptor, Boar, Wolf, And Chicken

Chickens, wolves, and boars can all be found in Fortnite now. Here's how to tame them.


A key change in Fortnite Season 6 is the ability to hunt and tame wild animals, including chickens, boars, and wolves. In some cases, these will be a part of weekly challenges, but doing so can also assist you in the course of a match. With a recent update, raptors are also now a part of the game.

Here we'll walk you through how to tame animals in Fortnite so you can turn any terrifying raptor, frightened chicken, charging boar, or hungry wolf into a new best friend.

How to tame raptors in Fortnite

Raptors made their debut with the version 16.10 update, so now instead of their big spotted eggs, you may come upon a ravenous pack of dinosaurs. Thankfully, you can tame them the same way you would tame wolves (outlined below), by dropping meat nearby, then quickly performing the interaction when prompted while they're eating. Be cautious as this window of time is still ever so small, and if you mess up, they'll attack you.

Raptors are quite vicious, taking just three hits to knock you down, so be prepared to fight them, tame them, or run the other way.

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How to tame boar in Fortnite

First we'll go over the boar. All animals can roam anywhere on the island, though woodsy, more natural areas seem to populate them more often. We recommend looking west of Lazy Lake or in Weeping Woods, or just anywhere that isn't covered in stuff like gas stations, houses, and other buildings.

To tame a boar, you'll need to feed it a foraged item. Fortnite has quite a variety of foraged items, including apples, bananas, peppers, and more. These are typically used as health items and other buffs for you, and the boar doesn't seem to be picky. Find foraged items inside green boxes like the one you see below, or head to the farm at Colossal Crops where cornstalks stand ready to be chopped down into equippable corn on the cob.

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Keep the food in your inventory and find a boar. You can usually hear them making their grunting noises before you see them. Unlike wolves, boar don't tend to attack on sight, so move in and throw the food nearby. It should approach and eat it, and you may notice a visual cue hinting that it's eyeing the food: blue streaks surrounding the animal, like an aura. While it's eating, quickly move close to the boar and select the interact button when you're prompted.

If you do it fast enough, the boar will then have little hearts over it signifying it's been tamed. From there, it's a bit like hiring an NPC. The boar will follow you and lend you a tusk in battle. Note that it can die, though, and while they can be helpful, boar aren't so quick to keep up with you as you move across the island.

How to tame wolves in Fortnite

The process to tame wolves in Fortnite is nearly identical to taming boar, with one exception. Wolves don't want fruits and veggies; they want to eat meat. To acquire meat, you'll first need to kill other animals, so look (and listen) for a chicken, wolf, or boar. Frogs can be spared as they don't drop meat.

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Once you've found an animal, killed it, and placed its meat in your inventory, look for a wolf. The convenient thing about wolves is they usually spawn in packs, so if you kill one, you can use its meat to tame another right away. Throw the meat near the wolf and, like with the boar, you'll have a short window in which you can approach the animal while it eats and select the interaction to tame it when it appears. If done right, you will have a new furry friend by your side until you win--or until one of you is eliminated.

How to glide with a chicken in Fortnite

While you can't tame a chicken, they do still offer their own unique gameplay feature for Fortnite Season 6. You can glide with them, just like Link himself. When you approach a chicken, it will likely run away. You can chase it down eventually, though it may take a bit longer than you want it to in a mode like Battle Royale. Instead, you could try using a Hunter's Cloak which masks your scent and allows you to get in close. We've already got a complete guide on how to craft a Hunter's Cloak too.

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Once you've got a hold of the chicken, simply jump from anywhere and you'll see how it allows you to glide softly back to earth without fear of fall damage. Just don't touch your inventory while wielding a feathered friend or you'll unequip it and crash back to the island.

More animals to come

While frogs don't offer meat or bones (get those stink sacs for crafting though), other animals are rumored to show up later this season. We've already gotten the addition of raptors, so we'll have to see if there are still more to come.

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