Fortnite: How To Merge Console Accounts

Players can now keep all their V-Bucks, skins, and other items under one account.


Following a delay, Epic's previously announced account merging system for Fortnite has quietly gone live. Players who have multiple Fortnite accounts across consoles are now able to unify them--and all of their previously earned skins, V-Bucks, and other items--under one Epic Account.

The tool can be found on Epic's website, but the actual process of merging accounts is fairly complex. First, you'll need to designate one account as Primary and the other as Secondary; you can read how to do that here. One of the accounts must also have been used on PS4 and the other on Xbox One or Nintendo Switch before September 28, 2018.

After you've designated a Primary and Secondary account to merge together, your Secondary account will be disabled, and all of the cosmetics and V-Bucks it contained will be held for two weeks before finally being transferred over to your Primary account. You can read additional details about the process on Epic's website.

Epic first announced its plans to let Fortnite players merge their console accounts together last September, after Sony finally allowed the PS4 version of the game to support cross-play with other consoles. The tool was originally scheduled to launch back in November, but Epic ultimately delayed it to early 2019 due to "ongoing technical concerns."

"We want to make sure that this process is thoroughly tested and working properly before releasing it to those of you currently looking to transfer purchases from other accounts to your primary account," the company said at the time.

The account merging system arrives just as Season 7 of Battle Royale is winding down, though it won't end until later in February. Ahead of Season 8, players have begun to experience earthquakes in the game during matches, suggesting some big world-changing event will happen before the new season kicks off. In the meantime, you can peruse our complete Season 7 challenges guide for tips on how to finish any remaining challenges you may have, although even more challenges are on the way as part of an upcoming Valentine's Day-themed event.

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