Fortnite: How To Investigate An Anomaly In Weeping Woods

The fifth and final Anomaly challenge in Fortnite Season 6 will earn you the last Agent Jones alternate style.


If you've been following along with all of the Anomaly challenges through Fortnite Season 6, you should already have unlocked four alternate styles for Agent Jones. Now it's time for the last one, presumably of the entire season. For this, you need to investigate an anomaly in Weeping Woods. Here's what you need to know so you can finish off your Agent Jones wardrobe.

Investigate an Anomaly in Weeping Woods

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First you'll want to drop into Weeping Woods, of course. You must be at least tier level 76 if you're going for this challenge, so you probably know the Fortnite map like your own neighborhood, but just in case you forget, Weeping Woods is the campground and forestry area southwest of The Spire at the center.

Once you land, head for the mini-Spire located precisely where you see us on the map above. At ground level, it will look like this:

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As you approach, the Anomaly will spawn and start to move up the small Spire. Like you did in a previous Anomaly challenge, stay right behind it. It's once again quite forgiving so you aren't likely to lose it running up the monolith. When it reaches the top it will head into the open air and perform a brief flourish. You may think you need to use the launch pad up here, but don't do it. It will throw you the wrong way.

Instead, watch as it freezes in air, waiting for you to grab it. Build over to it using two ramp pieces, press the interact button, and the challenge is complete.

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By completing it, you'll unlock the Agent Jones (Jump 88) Style, which decks out our bumbling hero in a cool new cloak. This is the final Anomaly, but if you missed any earlier, we've got you covered. Here are the rest of the Anomaly challenges in Season 6:

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