Fortnite: How To Get Golden Eggs

Finding Golden Eggs isn't that hard--if you know where to look.


Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2 has been a blast so far, but the new Spring Breakout marks the season's first major event, bringing with it plenty to do around the island to earn some cosmetics and XP. Each day of the event brings a new challenge to complete, and one of these requests is to find a Golden Egg. We'll tell you how to make that happen below.

Where to get a Golden Egg in Fortnite

Golden Eggs are one of three types of eggs laid by chickens all across the map during the Spring Breakout Event, so it's possible that you'll find one just by playing naturally. However, if you'd like to speed up the process, you can use a specific section of the map to increase your odds rather significantly. Head over to Frenzy Fields in the southern section of the map to find tons of chickens roaming around the farm and its surrounding area.

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Frenzy Fields has plenty of chickens wandering about and is a good place to find Golden Eggs.
Frenzy Fields has plenty of chickens wandering about and is a good place to find Golden Eggs.

As long as you don't accidentally kill any of the chickens, they'll just keep laying eggs--especially if you chase them around a bit. With so many chickens around, you'll have no trouble rounding up lots of eggs, including the shiny gold ones--good for 350 gold bars a piece! Additionally, if you leave unwanted eggs lying about, they'll eventually hatch into even more chickens. It can get pretty wild at Frenzy Fields.

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