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Fortnite - How To Do An Impossibly Difficult Trick On A Driftboard

The Driftboard is back, now sporting TMNT colors, and you'll need to find one to perform an "impossibly difficult trick."


The Fortnite Driftboard has been unvaulted for the TMNT Cowabunga event, so you can once again move around the island with style on a hoverboard, now sporting Ooze-like green hues. You'll need to locate one to complete one of the Cowabunga Quests which vaguely dictates that you "do an impossibly difficult trick on a Driftboard." In this guide, we'll explain what that means and where to find a Driftboard so you can get this done and keep leveling up your Cowabunga Pass.

Do an impossibly difficult trick on a Driftboard in Fortnite

The Driftboard doesn't have a guaranteed spawn location, unfortunately, so your best bet is to look for one in a named location where loot is more abundant. You can't miss the new neon green lights glowing from it.

Once you have one, the "impossibly difficult trick" is a bit overstated. It's unclear whether you need to clear a certain trick score threshold or simply do a flip, but since a backflip (or frontflip) doubles the score of a successfully landed trick, performing a flip is the easiest way to complete this challenge.

You don't have to be Shredder to shred.
You don't have to be Shredder to shred.

In simplest terms:

  • Find a Driftboard
  • Ride toward a cliffside or a hill, holding the jump button (A/X/Spacebar)
  • Release as you jump off the edge, then hold the left stick down to perform a backflip
  • If you land the trick, you'll finish the quest

That's it! One not-so-impossible backflip is all you need to do to earn the related Ooze. File this under 'things that make you say "Cowabunga!'"

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