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Fortnite Hits Over 7.6 Million Concurrent Players After Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing Launches

Developer Epic Games also introduced Fortnite Festival as well last week.


It's becoming hard to adequately describe the massive popularity of Fortnite, even after five years. For instance, the game just reportedly topped over 7.6 million concurrent players over the weekend after the launches of three new in-game experiences: Lego Fortnite, Rocket Racing, and Fortnite Festival.

Fortnite saw the massive player count on Saturday, December 9, per, and followed that up with over 7.3 million people playing the game on December 10. The spike in numbers is undoubtedly thanks to the game getting a Lego sandbox game, arcade racer, and semi Rock Band successor all in the past week. In fact, these numbers even surpass the massively popular OG season from last month.

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Rocket Racing and Fortnite Festival come from developers Psyonix and Harmonix, respectively, and their additions make this feel like Fortnite 2--even if Epic isn't saying that. On top of that, Lego Fortnite (developed by Epic) has had over 2 million concurrent players since being added to the game last week.

Even with this popularity, Fortnite can't seem to convince Nintendo to bring characters like Mario and Link to the game. That's not for a lack of trying, apparently. Fortnite has introduced iconic Microsoft and Sony characters like Master Chief and Kratos in the past.

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