Fortnite Herald Boss Fight Guide

She hits hard, but you can outplay her.


Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4 features tons of new changes to the beloved battle royale's POIs and loot pool, largely thanks to the arrival of the Chrome, which has started taking over the map in dramatic fashion. If you've glanced around at the map, you'll notice that Herald's Sanctum is a massive vertical structure erected out of the Chrome that has taken the place of where The Seven's Sanctuary once belonged. Inside this shiny and eerie castle awaits a boss fight against The Herald--whom you may also recognize as this season's secret skin--and she's quite a doozy. Don't worry, though, we'll tell you how to make quick work of her and earn her Mythic Herald's Burst Rifle.

How to defeat The Herald

The Herald is located in the center of Herald's Sanctum where you'll find her admiring an orb. Before taking the fight to her, however, you will definitely want to make sure you've prepared by getting full shields, a few solid weapons, and plenty of ammo. She hits like a truck when she gets on you, so you don't want to be caught out of sorts, especially since her own health bar is massive and takes a while to whittle down.

When you're ready to take her down, walk into the large room with her and line up a headshot with a sniper or other hard-hitting weapon to get her attention. This will knock a bit of damage off of her shield to get things started.

What exactly is she the herald of, anyway?
What exactly is she the herald of, anyway?

The Herald has two phases she cycles between. During the first phase, she'll become invulnerable inside of a floating bubble and unleash two chrome wolves to hunt you down. You and your squad will need to take these out before The Herald can be damaged again. Once they're dead, unload as many shots on her as you can, keeping in mind that she can teleport around frequently. If she gets close to you after teleporting, she can deal out some outrageous damage, so stay on the move.

She'll repeat these two phases multiple times throughout the fight, each time demanding that you slay her chrome wolves before dealing damage to her again. After a long and challenging showdown, she'll eventually fall, though. When she does, she drops her Mythic Burst Rifle, which you can use to pick off opponents easily at medium and long range, so make sure your squad's ranged specialist grabs it up.

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