Fortnite Had More Players Than Ever In August, Here's How Many

Fortnite had an astonishing 78.3 million players in August, setting a new record.

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Fortnite's popularity is not slowing down. The game had its biggest month ever in August when 78.3 million people played the popular battle royale game, Epic announced. That's the highest single-month player figure for the game since it launched.

The massive figure led to some issues. With so many players logging in, "This exposed weak points and allowed us to make targeted improvements to critical systems, such as stats and servers," Epic said.

While nearly 80 million players is absolutely a massive figure, Fortnite is free, so it's theoretically available to everyone who has a console, PC, or mobile device. And more importantly, Epic did not say how much Fortnite brings in from its microtransactions.

In other Fortnite news, the game's mysterious narrative continued this week as the Cube sank into Loot Lake. This is all some kind of tease for the upcoming Season 6, apparently. Season 6's release date is set for this week, and we've gotten the first teaser.

Fortnite is currently available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC, as well as mobile devices.

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Yeah sure, only if game was itself decently made (PUBG existance implies towards adulthoods and less of a cartoonish population), not this family friendly bullshit every 9 year old consume, which 40% of that playerbase is surrounded by adolescence age or child age kids.

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Im not bothered that a game I dont play is popular, why are so many people upset? I can sort of understand with music since you end up hearing a song you dont like everywhere, but a game?

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@infiniin: Super Mario games are family friendly but they are nothing like Fortnite. The problem is that it combines "mature" themes (which attracts kids that want to appear mature) with plentiful colors (which attracts kids), and to top it off each match lasts a few minutes, which means that no preparation is needed (something that kids hate), and no significant time investment (another thing kids hate). The gameplay is also something that does not require much thinking or planning ahead (which once again is something kids hate). Essentially the game is very successful because of these (and more) reasons combined. It's also the reason for lots of games that have been successful while being accused of attracting the younger generation in the past (mostly FPS).

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Have you played the game? To do well you have to plan and think ahead for sure, otherwise you will just die over and over. I dont even like the game that much, but you are completely off the mark. The average fortnite match is actually around 20 minutes long, but of course you dont respawn when you die.

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@Dark_Mits: I was a kid, and it was the opposite for me and still is 20 years later. So your point being is that this generation of gamers are like that no matter the age, peeps who started to play just recently are only like that.

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Yet I own some ten cent stock and it has gone in the toilet. EFF Trump and his stupid trade war.

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@dmblum1799: Stfu, dude. This isn’t PoliticsSpot. People like you are the problem. Always bringing politics into things that have nothing to do with politics.

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bestest game eva amirite?

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it was fun for a few months

i hope i never have to see another pickaxe or harvest again. ever