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Fortnite Guide: Where To Find Week 2's Secret Banner (Season 8 Discovery Challenge)

Here's where to find the first free Banner of the season.

Season 8 of Epic's hit battle royale game, Fortnite, rolls on. Following the game's 8.10 update, the developer has rolled out a new set of weekly challenges to complete across PS4, Xbox One, PC, Nintendo Switch, and mobile. Week 2's tasks have players trekking to the furthest north, south, east, and west points on the island and dealing damage with the new Pirate Cannon weapon, among other things, all to score some more Battle Stars and unlock this season's cosmetic rewards.

If you're a seasoned Fortnite veteran by this point, you'll know there's an added incentive to complete as many challenges as you can; if you finish all of the tasks from a given week, you'll also clear a Discovery challenge and earn a special loading screen. On its own, the loading screen may not seem like a particularly worthwhile reward for completing so many tasks, but each one you unlock through this season's Discovery challenges contains a subtle clue pointing you to a free item hiding somewhere around the island.

Just as in Season 7, the item in question will alternate between a Battle Star (which levels your Battle Pass up by one tier) or a Banner (which can be used as a profile icon) depending on how many sets of challenges you've completed. The latter will be up for grabs if you've finished two weeks' sets, but first you'll need to figure out where it's hiding. Fortunately, this one is fairly easy to find.

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After completing the second Discovery challenge, you'll unlock the loading screen pictured above. Look closely at the background, and you'll see the Banner etched into the wall to the left of the volcano's throne, giving you a clear idea of where you'll need to go. Head into the volcano and find the throne, and the Banner will appear beside it just as teased. Collect it then finish the match and it'll be yours to use as an icon.

The volcano should be easy enough to spot, but if you need help finding it, we've marked its location on the map below. You can also watch us get our hands on the Banner in the video at the top of this guide for a step-by-step look at where to go. However, be warned that the Banner will only appear if you've completed the requisite number of challenges, so you won't simply be able to go to the right location and collect it unless you've put in the necessary work.

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Season 8 has only just begun, but already a lot has changed in Fortnite. Last week's 8.01 update introduced Buried Treasure maps, which give you a chance to find some hidden loot around the island, while the more recent 8.10 patch added a new vehicle and changed how cross-play works. There are also already a bunch of challenges to complete. If you need some assistance, you can find tips for the trickier ones in our complete Season 8 challenges guide.

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