Fortnite Guide: Where Are The Clocks Map And Locations (Season 9, Week 8 Challenge)

There are more than three clocks, giving you some options of where to go.


Fortnite's second birthday event is underway--but that doesn't mean you've missed the opportunity to knock out the game's standard weekly challenges. You still have until the start of Season 10 (which is coming up on August 1) to complete any of these remaining Season 9 tasks. That includes those from Week 8, such as the one asking you to visit three different clocks scattered around the island. Having a map telling you where to go makes this much easier than it would otherwise be, and that's where we come in: We've put together both a map and video guide pointing you in the right direction. Here's how to complete the challenge.

Clocks can be found in Junk Junction, Happy Hamlet, and Neo Tilted. [Update: There's also a sundial in Sunny Steps--this one may be essential to visit, as some players have reported an apparent bug with the challenge causing the Hamlet clock to not register progress. A fifth clock can be found in between Fatal Fields and Paradise Palms.] All you've got to do is find and approach them; once you're close enough, a pop-up update to the challenge will be triggered to indicate that you've made progress.

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The clock in Junk Junction has seen better days but can be found on the bottom left of the area at the foot of the broken tower--somehow it still works. Head to Neo Tilted and, once again, at the southwest of the location you'll see the large tower with the time digitally projected around the top. Finally, at Happy Hamlet, there's a nice, rustic clock tower in its center. You can also watch the video above to see us complete the challenge.

Fortnite Clock Locations (Season 9, Week 8 Challenge Map)

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  • Junk Junction: At the foot of the destroyed clock tower
  • Neo Tilted: Top of the tower with the time projection
  • Happy Hamlet: Clock tower in the middle of the location
  • Sunny Steps: In the middle of the area, you'll find a sundial
  • Fatal Fields/Paradise Palms: Along the G9/H9 border

With that challenge done, the rest should be breezy work. However, there's also the ongoing 14 Days of Summer event, which includes unique challenges and, of course, more rewards. The latest challenge asks players to bounce a giant beach ball in different matches, which is easier said than done. We also have a guide to finding the beach parties you need to visit for another challenge.

If you still have outstanding challenges from previous weeks, head over to our complete Fortnite Season 9 challenge guide, which keeps track of every week and compiles all our handy guides in one place. If there's a challenge giving you trouble this season, we'll have a guide for it there.

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