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Fortnite Guide: How To Craft Hunter's Cloak

Want to know how to make the Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite Season 6 and how to use it? We've got all the info.


In Fortnite Season 6 the theme is "Primal," so there are lots of new gameplay features focused on scavaging and surviving, and it makes sense that Lara Croft is included as a guest character. These include hunting animals and crafting resources from parts. One of the brand new items is the Hunter's Cloak. If you're curious about how to craft a Hunter's Cloak in Fortnite, and how to use it once you have, this guide will walk you through the process.

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How to Craft a Hunter's Cloak

The Hunter's Cloak is a very useful new item in Fortnite Season 6 as it conceals your presence somewhat and makes sneaking up on quarry a little bit easier. Here's what you need to know.

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The first thing you'll need to do is locate some wildlife, such as chickens, boar, or wolves. Animals spawn all over the map, but we've had some luck finding them roaming consistently at Weeping Woods, southwest of The Spire.

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Once you've spotted an animal, or in the case of the wolves, a pack of them, eliminate them using whatever means necessary. We recommend not going in with a melee attack as the chickens will run away fairly quickly and the others will fight back ferociously. Instead, it's best to take them out at range using guns.

When you've killed the animal, it will leave behind bones and meat. Chickens leave behind one piece of meat and one bone, while larger animals seem to drop multiple bones and one piece of meat.

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Collect those dropped items and you'll notice the bones go into a new crafting menu in your inventory screen, while the meat fills one of your five item slots. You can hold up to four meat in one slot.

Head into the crafting menu and scroll to the meat. You should see the option to craft a Hunter's Cloak using one piece of meat and two bones. Provided you have enough materials, select craft, at which point you'll quickly make a Hunter's Cloak for yourself. It will replace or fill your currently selected inventory slot as soon as it's made.

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What Does a Hunter's Cloak Do?

The Hunter's Cloak allows you to mask your scent so you can get closer to wildlife for further hunting or taming opportunities. It does not expire, though if you begin to attack while wearing it, it is automatically removed and given a brief cooldown timer before you can use it again.

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