Fortnite: Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, & Risky Reels Locations Map (Week 4)

One of Week 4's TNTina's Trial challenges asks you to visit three specific locations on the map; here's where they are.


Week 4 of Fortnite: Chapter 2, Season 2 has brought the second set of TNTina's Trial challenges to the game. Much like the previous set, most of the missions revolve around explosives, but there's also one that will send you around the island to visit three particular locations: Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, and Risky Reels. If you need help finding them, this guide will show you where to go.

Where Are Grumpy Greens, Mowdown, And Risky Reels?

If you've been playing a lot of Fortnite, you're likely already familiar with Risky Reels. It's been a fixture of the game since Chapter 1, and it's located prominently near the center of the map. The other two areas--Grumpy Greens and Mowdown--are not quite as well-known and may be a bit harder to find as a result, but they're fortunately not too far off from Risky Reels. We've marked down where all three areas are located below:

Risky Reels, Grumpy Greens, and Mowdown locations map
Risky Reels, Grumpy Greens, and Mowdown locations map

  • Risky Reels - North of The Agency in grid square E4
  • Grumpy Greens - East of Pleasant Park in grid square E3
  • Mowdown - Northeast of Frenzy Farm in grid square F2

How To Complete The Challenge

Now that you know where the three areas are located, all you need to do is make your way to each one to complete the challenge. You don't need to visit all three within a single match to clear this mission, but you feasibly could given their proximity to each other, so land at one at the start of the match and try to hoof it to the other two before you get eliminated.

Season 2 of Fortnite Chapter 2 is currently slated to end in April, so there are still a lot more challenges on the way to the game over the next few weeks. If you need help completing any earlier challenges from this season, we've rounded up all of our maps and guides for the trickier ones in our Fortnite Season 2 challenges hub. Be sure to also check out our Fortnite Season 2 roundup to catch up on everything that's new in the battle royale game this season.

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