Fortnite Grappler Bow: Location, Stats, And How It Works

Here's where to find it and how it works.


Two weeks ago, Epic mixed things up for Fortnite Season 6 by adding a never-before-seen weapon. Today it's altering the island's perpetual power struggle once more with a new mythic weapon teased at the start of the season, the Grappler Bow. This new mythic weapon can only be found in a single location and from a particular NPC. Here's where to find the Fortnite Grappler Bow, its stats, and how it works.

Where To Find Grappler Bow

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The Grappler Bow is a mythic weapon, meaning it can't be found in chests or among floor loot unlike the Recycler. In fact, it will only be found in one particular area. In this case, you'll have to buy the Grappler Bow from Lara Croft, the NPC who resides at Stealthy Stronghold. She will part with the bow once per match for 500 Gold Bars.

Grappler Bow Stats And How To Use It

The Grappler Bow has only one version to obtain, as it's permanently a mythic-class item. It requires arrows like the other bows you can craft in the game and when fired, you'll quickly be pulled toward wherever you latched onto, including tops of buildings, trees, opponent structures, and even other players. The Grappler Bow will deal 89 damage per hit and takes one second to reload. Just remember that you'll also be pulled toward the player when using it this way, so prepare for a close-quarters fight if you get yanked toward the opposition and they're still standing.

Lara Croft makes sense as the bow's owner. For another good fit to wield a bow, check out the new Aloy skin now in the Item Shop.

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