Fortnite Gorger Locations: Where To Destroy Gorgers And Gatherers (Week 5 Guide)

Here's how to find a Gorger to destroy for the Week 5 challenge--which also presents you with an opportunity to knock out some earlier challenges, too.


New Week 5 challenges are live in Fortnite: Battle Royale, and one features a spin on something you may have already done this season. This week you're going to want to go and destroy Gorgers, something that is recommended for four players to tackle together. These are the same robots that spawn Gatherers, which were used in some earlier challenges, potentially letting you knock out several at once.

The Gorger seems to have been invented for this Fortnite event--it's not a Marvel mainstay, like the Sentinels are.

This is a potentially difficult challenge, as the four-player recommendation suggests. You'll want to come with a team if possible, or else you may need to rely on teaming up with other random players. If you were playing with friends on mobile earlier, you'll want to find new players to help out--the Nexus War isn't happening on Android or iOS.

Here's where to find Gorgers and what to do.

Where Are Fortnite's Gorgers And Gatherers?

Fortnite Season 4 Gorger
Fortnite Season 4 Gorger

There are two types of floating robots that you'll encounter this season. The first is a large one called a Gorger shown in the image above. These bots spawn somewhere on the map and can be located by finding a large red beam that is shooting directly up. Head towards the beam to find a Gorger. You can then either attempt to destroy it--again, no easy task--or work on two other challenges at the same time as this one.

These Gorgers spawn smaller robots called Gatherers. Both robots will shoot beams of energy at you, although the Gorger's weapons are far stronger and will take you out if you're not careful. The Gorger will continue to spawn Gatherers until it's destroyed. You should let it spit out twenty of the smaller robots before destroying it if you're attempting to complete the destroy 20 Gatherers challenge.

Gatherers will fall to the ground for a few seconds after you eliminate them. You'll need to pick one up quickly in order to complete another challenge, deal damage with a Gatherer's remains, before it explodes. One good strategy is to use Gatherer remains to fight the Gorger in order to deal the 10,000 points of damage required to complete the challenge. Luckily for this task, Gorgers are tanks with a ton of health, although you can deal damage to other bots and players too.

What Will I Get For Completing These Challenges?

You'll get 25,000 experience points for destroying 20 Gatherers and 50,000 experience points for dealing 10,000 damage points with their remains, plus another 50,000 for destroying a Gorger. Be sure to check out our guides on how to hack Stark Robots at Stark Industries and destroy collector cases at The Collection. Don't forget to complete every weekly Wolverine challenge as well. And if you are looking forward to play the game on next-gen systems, Epic Games has you covered. The game got a new trailer for PS5 at the console's latest showcase. Unfortunately, this new content is still not available on iOS. A lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple is ongoing.

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