Fortnite Getting Ray Tracing, DLSS Support On PC Soon For Nvidia RTX GPUs

Announced during Nvidia's September showcase, one of the world's most popular shooters is about to get a whole lot prettier.

Fortnite, Epic Games' extremely popular shooter, is getting additional features on PC exclusive to Nvidia GPU users. Coming soon, Fortnite will support ray tracing, ray traced ambient occlusion, and DLSS support. [Update: Epic and Nvidia have revealed Fortnite ray tracing and RTX features will launch on September 17.]

Announced during Nvidia's Geforce Special Event, Fortnite will soon be updated with the suite of Nvidia RTX features to give the game a visual facelift. Support is coming to both its Save the World and Battle Royale modes and will be supported on any Nvidia GPUs that support RTX feature. Check out the first trailer for Fortnite powered by RTX features below.

Fortnite will implement three of the most used features of the RTX set. Ray traced lighting will help calculate more accurate reflections and light bounces, while ray-traced ambient occlusion will give objects in the large world more accurate depth and shadows. DLSS, or Deep Learning Super Sampling, will help you render Fortnite at a lower resolution and upscale it with AI, letting you utilize many ray tracing features without the big performance hit.

Epic has not yet announced when these RTX features will go live.

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