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Fortnite Gets Another New Update To Undo The Changes To Controller Aiming

Not everything can be rolled back immediately.


Yet another new update for Fortnite has arrived. The 5.30 patch adds an interesting new item--the Rift-to-Go--along with a limited-time mode that has the potential to thoroughly shake up the action by changing how you win a match. But for players on consoles, the most significant change may have been buried more deeply in the patch notes--and it's one that's gone over poorly enough that Epic is working to undo it. [Update: The promised client update has arrived to further remove the newly implemented changes to aiming.]

Located in the Gameplay area of the patch notes is the following line: "Tuned controller input and accelerations to allow for more fine tuning when aiming." Soon after the update went live, players began reporting issues related to controller sensitivity. Epic acknowledged the issue and released a hotfix to "revert the sensitivity for consoles to a state prior to the v5.30 update." However, there's more to the story than that, because not everything has been undone.

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In a post on Reddit, Epic explained that while it's been able to reverse some of the changes through a hotfix--which, as the name suggests, can be rolled out extremely quickly without a big download--the rest will require a proper update. In other words, it's going to take some time.

"Based on player feedback we went a bit too far here," Epic explained. "We're going to revert this change to how it functioned prior to the update. As of now, we've reverted what we can via hotfixes but will need to release a client update to solve ... the rest. We'll get this out to you as soon as we're able to but don't currently have a time frame."

Epic also outlined something specifically impacting those playing on Xbox One, stating, "We also lowered the dead-zone used for aiming on Xbox One controllers, which we are leaving implemented in-game as we believe this is a healthy adjustment in the long term. In doing this we discovered and fixed a bug that slightly changed Aim Sensitivity for controllers. This means you may need to adjust your sensitivity to get that 'just right' feeling back, but you'll no longer experience the change in aim acceleration."

For a competitive shooter like Fortnite where aiming is key, messing with things like sensitivity and acceleration can be a big deal. Here's hoping Epic is able to straighten it out quickly.

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