Fortnite: Gas Vehicle At Catty Corner Challenge Guide

This challenge is finally possible after it was originally leaked in Week 6.


Fortnite Week 9 is finally bringing this car-based challenge to the game. It asks you to gas up a vehicle at Catty Corner. Cars and gas were finally added to Fortnite recently via the Joy Ride update, meaning this challenge is finally possible. Here's a guide on how to gas up at the bot-filled Catty Corner.

You can check out how to complete the challenge below. It is now available in Fortnite, though you may have trouble on iOS or Android at the moment if the game isn't installed.

How Do You Gas A Vehicle Up?

Epic Games added four different types of cars to Fortnite. You'll need to land near a named location to find one, hop in like you would any vehicle, and then drive to Catty Corner. Once there, pull up to the gas pumps, shut your engine off, and pick up a gas canister or gas pump. Stand next to the car and follow the button prompts on screen. It's as simple as that.

Gassing Up A Helicopter At Catty Corner
Gassing Up A Helicopter At Catty Corner

Where Is The Closest Vehicle To Catty Corner?

Catty Corner is a known named location in the bottom right corner of the map in the G7 tile. It's where Kit, one of the bots that carries a legendary weapon, is located. He, and a number of other bots, swarm the location, making it very dangerous to land there. If you do land there, you'll need to eliminate all bots and whatever other players decide to drop there.

I'd recommend landing elsewhere and grabbing a vehicle and then going to Catty Corner once some of the madness has died down and you've collected some weapons and gear. This challenge only works with the new cars and not helicopters or boats.

What Reward Do I Get For Completing This Challenge?

Gassing up a vehicle at the Catty Corner will earn you 35,000 experience points. Check out our other Week 9 guides, like how to collect metal at Hydro 16, and our coverage of how Fortnite players are running their own taxi and gas station services in-game.

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