Fortnite Fourth Birthday Challenges Are Live With Free Cosmetics

Celebrate Fortnite's fourth birthday with limited-time challenges and festive new items.


Happy birthday, dear Fortnite. Epic's tower defense game, turned battle royale game, turned metaverse frontrunner marks its fourth anniversary this weekend, and the Fortnite fourth birthday challenges are now live in-game to celebrate. There's nothing to buy, but also no XP to be had. Instead, you'll be unlocking new festive cosmetics. Here are all the Fortnite birthday challenges you'll need to complete and what you'll earn for doing so.

Fortnite Fourth Birthday Challenges

Three free cosmetics are available for a limited time.
Three free cosmetics are available for a limited time.

There are three challenges you'll need to complete to earn all free birthday cosmetics. You can beat them in any order, though you'll unlock the rewards in the same order no matter what. That's because the three cosmetics are won by completing one, two, and three birthday challenges respectively. Here's what you'll need to do to finish off the list:

  • Dance in front of birthday cakes (4)
  • Throw birthday presents (4)
  • Consume birthday cakes in different matches (4)
Every named location has a birthday cake for you to eat and dance in front of.
Every named location has a birthday cake for you to eat and dance in front of.

To dance in front of birthday cakes, simply head into any four named locations. Dropping into one right away and moving to three more can be done in a single round, though you'll also need to play at least four matches and eat cake in each anyway, which you can do using the cake slices surrounding any larger cake placed for dancing. I guess you'll have to have your cake and drop a beat to it too.

The last challenge requires you to throw birthday presents. You'll find these randomly as loot, but you only have until Monday night on September 27 to do so. After that, all these birthday items and their challenges will become unobtainable, so be sure to grab them this weekend if more Fortnite free stuff is something you covet.

Whenever a Fortnite challenge says to
Whenever a Fortnite challenge says to "dance," any emote will actually suffice.

The birthday cosmetics include a fourth birthday sticker, pickaxe, and back bling, each decked out with generous slices of purple cake. These challenges are nearly identical to those in last year's birthday event, so it's safe to expect these challenges will return again a year from now as well. Don't miss them while they're here for the weekend so you don't miss an annual collection.

In the meantime, get caught up on all else that's new in Fortnite this week, like the Eddie Brock skin and problematic XP gains.

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