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Fortnite Foundation Challenges And Rewards - How To Unlock The Rock In Fortnite

The Rock’s Fortnite character is now in the battle pass.


Fortnite Chapter 3 is well into its first season now, and it's just about time to unlock The Foundation, the masked man of mystery voiced by none other than Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson. The Foundation has been teasing players from the battle pass menu for months, but as of 7 AM PT / 10 AM ET on Thursday, February 3, he will be fully unlockable, including his alternate styles, all of his accessories, and his emote that sees him take off his mask and give onlookers the superstar's signature gesture, The People's Eyebrow. Here's all you need to know about Fortnite Foundation challenges, cosmetics, and everything else related to Fortnite's big new hero.

Fortnite - The Foundation challenges and rewards

In total, The Foundation has 11 cosmetics in his set, including multiple alternate styles as well as an emote that depicts him without his helmet, looking exactly like The Rock. While the second page of The Foundation’s cosmetics is a secret right now, we can already make out the names of all of his related rewards thanks to Fortnite content creator iFireMonkey, who found the full range of challenges while datamining the game. Here's every challenge and their associated rewards, available at no additional cost to all battle pass owners.

I'd ask what he's cooking, but no one ever seems to know.
I'd ask what he's cooking, but no one ever seems to know.

  • Visit Mighty Monument, a Seven Outpost, and Sanctuary (3) - The Foundation skin
  • Deal melee damage to opponents (100) - Foundation's Plasma Spike pickaxe
  • Assist in eliminating Gunnar (1) - Tactical Visor Toggle emote
  • Land at a Seven Outpost, then finish top 10 (2) - The Rocket Wing glider
  • Search chests or ammo boxes at Covert Canyon (3) - Foundation's Fortune sticker
  • Snipe an opponent with a sniper rifle while crouching (1) - Foundation's Mantle back bling
  • Deal headshot damage to players with common (grey) or uncommon (green) weapons (500) - The Foundation skin - Combat Elite style
  • Use shield potions in a single match (4) - True Foundation spray
  • Hire a character and travel 1,000 meters with them (1,000) - Foundational wrap
  • Deal damage to opponents from above with SMGs or shotguns (1,000) - The Foundation skin - Tactical style
  • Complete all The Foundation challenges (10) - The Rocket Wing glider - Stealth style

It seems, for now anyway, no additional cosmetics will be locked behind completing daily or seasonal challenges, which has often been the case with midseason bonus skins in season's past. With that in mind, you'll be able to earn everything for The Foundation in just a few rounds if you're really focused--and maybe a bit lucky. While most of these are self-explanatory, we'll break out any additional tips into guides linked here as needed. In the meantime, be sure to chase the other big addition this week: all 30 of Haven's Masks, available now until the end of Season 1 on March 19.

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