Fortnite Fishing Guide: How To Blow Up Fishing Holes (Week 6)

Plus where to find Flopper Pond, Lake Canoe, and Sharky Shell.


Fortnite's newest batch of challenges is all about fishing. You'll need to destroy boats, catch fish, and blow up fishing spots at locations around the map. Blowing up fishing holes is simple--but finding all the locations you need to do it at isn't as easy. This guide will show you all the locations you'll need to hit and how to blow up fishing holes with ease.

This challenge leaked early; check back later this week to try it yourself.

Where Are The Fishing Holes I Need To Blow Up?

There are multiple challenges that task you with blowing up fishing holes at various locations. One will send you to Sharky Shell, Sweaty Sands, or Flopper Pond while the other will send you to Lazy Lake Island, Lake Canoe, and near Steamy Stacks. Take note that one challenge will have you visit all locations while the other can be completed at just one. Here are all the non-named locations you'll need to visit.

Fortnite Blow Up Fishing Spots Guide
Fortnite Blow Up Fishing Spots Guide

It's easier to blow up fishing spots at Sweaty Sands or Sharky Shell, so you can skip Flopper Pond. You'll need to complete the challenge at Lazy Lake Island, Steamy Stacks, and Lake Canoe, though.

What's The Best Way To Blow Up Fishing Holes?

The easiest way to blow up fishing spots is with motorboats. You can use the boat's missiles to fire on spots where fish are jumping out of the water. You'll still get the items you would have gotten if you had used a fishing pole, too.

You can also use the X-34 Stormwings you find at Snowmando Outposts, rocket launchers, and grenades to complete these challenges. However, these items are all harder to find during any given match.

What Do I Get For Blowing Up Fishing Holes?

You'll earn 20,000 experience points for completing each challenge. Some of these tasks may also come in stages--so you'll earn experience for each stage once completed. Be sure to check out our guide on how to signal the Coral Buddies this week as well.

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