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Fortnite First-Person Mode May Be In Development

The next big addition to Epic Games's battle royale may be a change in perspective.


After Zero Build changed the battle royale for Fortnite players, it looks like Epic Games might be working on another major addition: a first-person option.

Twitter user HypeX--a prominent Fortnite leaker who also teased Zero Build before it launched--tweeted a screenshot of what a first-person view might look like in the game. The tweet says that "Epic began working on some stuff about first-person camera mode" when Season 3 began, but there's no additional information available.

Fortnite has routinely dabbled in first-person perspectives, mostly when aiming with a sniper rifle or other long-range rifle. However, the MK-Seven Assault Rifle that debuted in Chapter 3, Season 1 is the closest Fortnite has leaned toward a traditional first-person view yet, serving as a prime example of what such a mode might look like should it drop onto the island.

While we wait for more information on this potential new mode, Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 is in full swing with a new battle pass, new weapons, and a new set of map changes to explore while battling for the victory royale.

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