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Fortnite Festival Season 4 Adds Lots Of Metallica And A PvP Mode

After three seasons of pop music, Fortnite Festival is headbanging into Season 4.


Fortnite Festival Season 4 is coming very soon, and before you head into it yourself, be sure to hydrate, remove your glasses, and wear your moshing shoes, because it's Metallica season. Following three seasons focused on major pop artists, Fortnite Festival is leaning into an entirely new genre for Harmonix's game within a game. Here's what to expect with the launch of Fortnite Season 4.

Fortnite Festival Pass - Season 4

This season's pass offers the customary free and paid paths, both of which include several new cosmetics. One big change this season, however, is how many more skins you'll get for buying into the premium track of the Festival Pass. All four members of Metallica have been turned into Fortnite outfits, with Lars Ulrich unlocking immediately upon purchasing the premium track, while Kirk Hamett, Robert, Trujilio, and frontman James Hetfield can be unlocked as you progress through the season's challenges.

The premium version of the pass also includes Metallica's nearly eight-minute banger, One, which will make for quite an endurance test in the game. The band members' iconic instruments can be found in the premium pass too, such as Ulrich's TAMA drum kit and Hammett's Gibson "Greeny" Les Paul guitar.

The premium track of the pass can be unlocked for 1800 V-Bucks (about $18). If you stick to the free track, you'll still enjoy the new Slurp Blaster guitar, as well as several new songs from Epic Games: S.O.M.P., The Night Porter (Winnage), and Dreamer. Additionally, you can claim the mosh-pit-approved Dark Flame Aura and Roundhouse emote.

Instrument rewards
Instrument rewards

Fortnite Festival Battle Stage

Fortnite Festival is getting a new competitive PvP mode, throwing 16 players into a last-rockstar-standing match. Played with a four-song setlist, four players will be eliminated after each song--three for the last song--until one musical maestro stands victorious.

To even the playing field, you'll choose your instrument and difficulty but can't select songs from your library. The Overdrive multiplier feature already seen in Festival will now allow for attacks to be launched at your rivals, which can disrupt their streaks and slow their scoring. The game also uses a skill-based matchmaking system so players can be grouped with others at their level rather than land in a lobby with Tosin Abasi.

The Battle Stage has arrived.
The Battle Stage has arrived.

New Fortnite Festival Shop Items

Like other seasons of Harmonix's social music game, you can also find alternative versions of Metallica's foursome in the Item Shop. This includes the Puppet Master outfits for each member of the legendary band. Several more Metallica songs will be sold in the shop too, including the following songs right away and more to come later this season:

  • Enter Sandman
  • Fuel
  • Master of Puppets
  • Ride The Lightning
  • The Unforgiven
  • Wherever I May Roam
Puppetmaster Metallica outfits
Puppetmaster Metallica outfits

Jam Tracks as Lobby Tracks

As previously promised by Epic on social media, Jam Tracks can now be equipped as Lobby Tracks, and even randomized, giving you a new playlist of favorite songs to listen to between rounds of Festival, Battle Royale, Creative, or anything else in Fortnite.

On top of all that, some quality-of-life fixes, Support-A-Creator changes, and a few song gameplay tunings are coming to Fortnite Festival with this update, so take a look at the official blog for more details.

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