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Fortnite Fans Think The Rock Is Secretly Voicing The Foundation

And they've got plenty of evidence to prove it.


Ever since the Fortnite Zero Crisis Finale debuted with the launch of Fortnite Season 6, fans have been wondering who is voicing The Foundation. It appears that wrestling and acting superstar The Rock might be behind the microphone.

Epic Games has remained tight-lipped on it, and since this is Fortnite, it seemed unlikely that the answer wouldn't be special. Now fans have accumulated a pile of evidence that convincingly suggests it's in fact Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson behind that metallic suit of armor.

Most compelling is an Instagram video posted by The Rock himself on March 16, the day of the Zero Crisis Finale. In it, he talks somewhat vaguely about the day being "big" in a "certain world and in a certain culture" that is connected to his own. He says the hard work he's done has all been to "strengthen, evolve, and grow the force known as...the foundation" before delivering his signature raised eyebrow. Donald Mustard, Epic Games' CCO, even liked the Instagram video.

It's only now, days later, that the video is being linked to Fortnite, but the evidence doesn't end there. Fans also feel The Foundation's character model looks suspiciously like The Rock, right down to the placement of certain armor designs aligning with The Rock's chest tattoo. If you watch, or perhaps rewatch, the Zero Crisis Finale cinematic below, you may find The Foundation's voice actor now sounds a lot more easily identifiable too.

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Lending even more credence to the fan theory is how The Foundation is sort of a synonym for The Rock, plus The Foundation literally emerges from and later returns to the inside of a giant rock during the Season 6 event. Dwayne Johnson seems like exactly the kind of star power Fortnite loves to attract, with this season also introducing Neymar Jr., plus past seasons have included more pop culture collaborations than a closet full of Funko Pops. It may be some time before we get official confirmation, but it seems fans have started to smell what Epic Games is cooking.

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