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Fortnite Dragon Ball: Where To Find Kamehameha, Nimbus Cloud, And Capsules

The big new event comes with some cool items to try out.


Fortnite's long-awaited Dragon Ball crossover is now underway with a massive event absolutely packed full of new POIs, skins and cosmetics to snag, and a fresh batch of utility items to check out. Those looking to find the brand new Dragon Ball-themed items to use on the battle royale island should look no further, as we'll tell you all about where you can score Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud below.

Where to get Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud

There are multiple methods to obtain the new Mythic-level Dragon Ball items.


The most consistent way to get Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud items is to loot Capsule Corp capsules which fall from the sky throughout the match. These function similarly to supply drops, except they're much more prevalent, and they'll fall more and more often as the storm ring closes in.

Bulma at Kame House

Another way to get the items is to head over and see Bulma at Kame House. This POI is located on an island on the far right side of the map. Bulma will sell you Kamehameha and Nimbus Cloud for 250 gold bars each.

Kame House
Kame House

Dragon Ball Vending Machines

Dragon Ball Vending Machines also sell the items for 250 gold bars. These are located in three spots: Inside of Rave Cave, west of Coney Crossroads, and just north of Rocky Reels.

Dragon Ball Vending Machine locations
Dragon Ball Vending Machine locations

The Fortnite Dragon Ball event is shaping up to be the biggest crossover the game has perhaps ever done, or ever could do, so don't miss our complete coverage on the collaboration, which includes a full run of new in-game Dragon Ball Power Unleashed challenges with free rewards to earn.

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