Fortnite Dragon Ball Challenges, Rewards, And Guides

One of Fortnite's biggest crossovers ever is now available with the Dragon Ball Super collaboration. If you want to earn some free Dragon Ball cosmetics, here's all you need to know about the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed challenges.


The Fortnite x Dragon Ball crossover has finally arrived after weeks of speculation. Right out of the gate, it's looking like one of the video game's biggest collaborations in its nearly five-year history. The has a ton to see and do, which you can read about in our full Fortnite Dragon Ball coverage, including a Creative mode takeover, a way to watch Dragon Ball within Fortnite, and more. For most people, the big draw is going to be the Dragon Ball Power Unleashed Quests, or likely better known simply as the Fortnite Dragon Ball challenges. There's a ton already in the game with many more to come over the course of the two-week event. Here's all you need to know about these new Dragon Ball challenges in Fortnite.

Fortnite Dragon Ball challenges

There will be seven waves of challenges, with the first two available immediately. Each wave contains multiple quests, and each wave requires you to complete most--but not all--challenges to earn a Dragon Ball. Once you've earned seven Dragon Balls, you can summon Shenron--or at least a free glider that looks like them. Therefore, even the most diligent of players can't earn the glider on launch day, as you'll need to await future challenges appearing in the game.

You may want to complete all challenges anyway, however, as doing so increases your power level and unlocks additional free cosmetics in the battle pass-like Power Unleashed Quest rewards tree. Below we'll break down each wave of challenges, leaving space for future updates as new Power Unleashed Quests become available.

The Dragon Ball event may become the blueprint for future Fortnite crossovers.
The Dragon Ball event may become the blueprint for future Fortnite crossovers.


Sparring Practice

  • Complete Sparring Practice quests (3) - Dragon Ball
  • Join a Versus battle in different matches (2)
  • Win a Versus battle (1)
  • Sprint distance in Versus battle
  • Damage an enemy player before taking damage in different matches (3)
  • Deal damage to enemy players with the Kamehameha (300)

Strength Training

  • Complete Strength Training quests (3) - Dragon Ball
  • Push giant boulders or timber pines (500)
  • Destroy 10 objects with a single Kamehameha attack (1)
  • Use the Kamehameha to destroy a small car (1)
  • Damage opponents in a single match (300)

Agility Training

  • Complete Agility Training quests (3) - Dragon Ball
  • Complete the mushroom obstacle course (1)
  • Complete the desert time trial (1)
  • Deal damage to opponents when sliding (200)
  • Deal damage to opponents within five seconds after sprinting (200)

Endurance Training

  • Complete Endurance Training quests (3) - Dragon Ball
  • Survive storm phases (10)
  • Gain 150 shields in different matches (3)
  • Land at Logjam Lotus, then climb to the highest point in Shifty Shafts
  • Collect capsules in Dragon Ball Adventure Island
  • Collect Dragon Ball in Dragon Ball Adventure Island

Focus Training

  • Complete Focus Training quests (3) - Dragon Ball
  • Hit headshots while aiming down sights (20)
  • Damage a player from 75 meters or more with scoped weapons (200)
  • Collect a rare (blue) or better (purple, orange, teal, gold) item from the ground within three seconds of landing from the battle bus (3)
  • Damage a player with a Kamehameha before landing from the Nimbus Cloud (1)
  • Travel distance in a vehicle on asphalt (750)
  • Swing from five different trees without landing with the Grapple Glove (1)


  • Complete Recovery quests (3) - Dragon Ball
  • Regain health while resting in a tent (50)
  • Get toasty by a campfire and regain health (50)
  • Go fishing at Leafy Reef, Mighty Monument, and Loot Landing (3)
  • Restore health by eating fish or meat during or after a Versus Battle (200)
  • Use a fishing rod to ride a loot shark (1)

Guides for all Dragon Ball challenges

Now that you know what the challenges are, here's how to complete them. Starting with the Warmup quests, you'll see Capsule Corp capsules drop into the map just like Supply Drops. That's where you'll get the Dragon Ball weapon, the Kamehameha, and item, the Nimbus Cloud. Anything related to capsules, the Nimbus Cloud, or the Kamehameha will need to start with these randomly-spawning Dragon Ball-themed airdrops, unless you don't mind spending your gold bars on them. In that case, you can buy them from Bulma at the Kame House on the small island on the eastern edge of the map.

To visit a familiar training location, you'll need to head to the Kame House, which is along the beach in the far-east side of the island. If the challenge doesn't pop when you arrive, try speaking to the NPC there, Bulma. Dragon Ball vending machines can be found at the Rave Cave, west of Coney Crossroads, and within Rocky Reels.

Versus battles are new one-on-one battles you can opt into using Versus Boards. These have replaced Bounty Boards, so simply head to any place where you'd previously find Bounty Boards to enter into a Versus battle. To watch Dragon Ball Super within Fortnite, head to the game's creative mode and you'll find the Dragon Ball Super crossover maps, including an in-game theater where you can watch Dragon Ball Super.

To find giant boulders or timber pines, you'll want to look atop hills or mountains, especially within Reality Falls for the boulders. The Timber Pines, meanwhile are the light brown trees mostly found in the snowy northwestern quadrant of the map. You need not push 300 of them. That number speaks to pushing them that many meters, which you can do by hitting them with your pickaxe.

The mushroom obstacle course is west of the Reality Tree in Reality Falls, while the desert time trial starts by the river south of Shuffled Shrines. Both are self-explanatory when you get to them, so it's just a matter of not making any mistakes and finishing each course under time constraints.

The highest point in Shifty Shafts is the mountain peak that overlooks the mines, so head up there after landing at Logjam nearby. To get to Dragon Ball Adventure Island, you'll need to head into Creative and find the map. The fastest way is to enter the creative code: 5642-8525-5429.

To use a fishing rod to ride a loot shark, you just throw a line into the water near a shark, and soon they'll swim by and start pulling you along the water--or even out of it.

Fortnite Dragon Ball rewards

In addition to unlocking the Shenron glider for earning all seven dragon balls, you can also claim seven more free cosmetics, and some battle pass levels, with the Power Unleashed rewards track. The following items can be yours if you earn 120M power level through completing challenges:

  • Five battle pass levels
  • Smiling Goku emoticon
  • Fusion! spray
  • Dragon Radar back bling
  • Bulma's Wink emoticon
  • Boosting Ki emote
  • Super Saiyan Blue Goku spray
  • Charging Up emote

If you'd rather purchase these items and not worry about needing to unlock them before the event ends on August 30, you can do so for 1800 V-Bucks, or about $15.

Bookmark this page as we'll be bringing you guides on the Dragon Ball challenges all week long.

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