Fortnite Down For Halloween "Fortnitemares" Update 6.20

Let's build some Halloween merriment.


Fortnite's Halloween event is kicking off tomorrow, and Epic has given players a heads-up about the downtime. Downtime for update 6.20 will begin on October 24 at 4 AM ET / 1 AM PT / 9 AM BST. Once the downtime concludes, the special "Fortnitemares" event will begin. [Update] Epic has confirmed that downtime for Fortnite's Halloween update has begun. Read the full update 6.20 patch notes for more details on what's new and changing.

Epic has teased that the Fortnitemares event will give away "spooky rewards" for completing special challenges. An announcement regarding the Save the World mode also mentioned Fortnitemares challenges, so it's likely that these bonus missions and rewards will go throughout both the free PvP and paid PvE modes. You can also earn a couple of skins merely by logging into Save the World during the event.

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Epic hasn't announced just what those spooky rewards are, but a set of Twitter teases appeared to be showing off a skin that fits together like a puzzle. That's likely to be at least one of the rewards you can earn. Fortnitemares will last all the way through Monday, November 26, which may give us an idea of when to expect Season 7.

We also don't know everything that update 6.20 will do, but one element of it has been revealed. Epic plans to test out changes to the game's glider, letting you re-deploy it during a match provided you're high enough in the air. This change will be active for one week, after which point it will be disabled--though it could be enabled permanently at some point in the future.

This season, Season 6, has been marked by the theme "Darkness Rises." As such a lot of its skins and cosmetics are pretty creepy, like the Dire Wolf skin that becomes more werewolf-like as you level it up. Now we may finally see some of the Halloween skins that leaked become available. For more Halloween events, check out our Halloween roundup.

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