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Fortnite Dev Challenges Steam With Competitive Marketplace

This is going to be Epic.


Epic Games, the makers of Fortnite, has announced its own marketplace to compete directly with Steam. The Epic Games Store will roll out soon for PC and Mac, with plans to expand to open platforms and Android in 2019. It's already detailing some developer-friendly moves.

The most significant part, for devs, is that they'll earn 88% of their revenue. According to the announcement there are no tiers to the profit-sharing: it's just an 88/12 split between developers and Epic for listing on their marketplace. This is the most striking challenge to Steam, which now takes 20-30% based on a tiered earning structure. If a developer is using the Unreal engine, Epic will cover the 5% engine royalty out of its own 12% cut. Though Epic is encouraging use of its own Unreal engine with profit incentives, it says games developed on any engine are welcome.

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Purchasing a game on the Epic store will automatically subscribe players to the game's newsfeed for easy communication, and developers are in charge of their own game page on the news feed. It promises no store ads or cross-marketing on a game page, and no paid ads in the search results.

Epic is also encouraging developers to work with streamers and bloggers, letting them set a revenue share for referrals. Epic says it will cover the first 5% of creator revenue sharing for the first 24 months to help get the ball rolling.

The company promises more details to come at The Game Awards on Thursday.

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