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Fortnite: Dance Floors, 3 Boats Map Locations - Week 8 Challenges Guide

Here's what Epic Games has Battle Pass owners doing for Week 8.


Week 8 challenges in Fortnite: Battle Royale involve several objectives that you may need some assistance in completing. There are three challenges in particular--involving dance floors, three boats, and vending machines--that are not immediately obvious based on their descriptions. Here's how to tackle those, as well as the remaining Week 8 challenges, for Battle Pass owners on PS4, Xbox One, PC, and mobile.

The most intriguing-sounding of the bunch is the one that tells you to dance on different Dance Floors. These aren't something we've seen in the game previously--they've just been added as part of the new 3.5 update. This challenge wants you to find them and perform a dance emote while standing on top of them. You'll need to do this with three dance floors in all, though you can accomplish this across multiple matches. So far, we've only found three dance floors total; you can find them by heading to the southeastern corner of Flush Factory, grid B4 (west-southwest of Pleasant Park), and grid I6 (just east of Retail Row). The dance floors are located on the ground floor of newly added buildings. The locations are pictured in the map below, along with another challenge's location.

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The trickiest of the challenges that Epic labels as being Hard has you search between Three Boats. As has been the case with similar objectives in the past, you don't get a treasure map or anything here--you simply have to recognize the landmarks that it's referring to. If you assume boats would be at Loot Lake, you're correct. The Battle Star you have to collect is located at the end of a small dock on the southeastern corner of Loot Lake's island. You can land right there at the start of a match and pick it up (by holding the same key/button used to open chests)--just be aware that you won't actually see it until you're very close to the ground.

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Week 8 also brings a challenge to use a Vending Machine; these were added in the 3.4 content update. Visit one, and you're able to exchange building materials you've collected for items. These don't always show up in the same spots, but there are areas where they frequently show up. You can see those in our Vending Machine locations guide.

The remaining Week 8 challenges are less complex, though some of them come down to circumstance. You'll need to deal 500 damage to enemies with an explosive weapon, which can be done with grenade-type items or launchers. (However, you'll have to do it without one option, as the Guided Missile has been disabled temporarily.) Searching chests in Snobby Shores will involve simply spending some time in the area and exploring thoroughly--a good strategy, as always, is to check in the attics of buildings. Make sure to use an assault rifle as soon as you get one to get your three Assault Rifle eliminations, and if possible, do so in Dusty Depot, where you need to rack up three eliminations. All four of these might be easiest in solo playlists, where players can't be revived and you don't have teammates hogging any weapons.

Completing challenges rewards you with a specific number of Battle Stars--either five (for normal ones) or 10 (for Hard ones). These in turn allow you to level up your Battle Pass more quickly, which in turn unlocks Season 3 skins and rewards.

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